7 Ways to Trim Down Thick Hips for Good

12 October, 2018

Many women who desire a more slender figure, usually target their hips.

Despite the fact that wide hips look very feminine, sometimes women don’t have the hourglass shape that they want because their hips look too flabby or have cellulite and stretchmarks, etc. Take a look at the following recommendations and exercises that work best for slimming down thick hips. 

Slimming down thick hips once and for all

Belly fat

If you want to trim down your hips for good, you should keep in mind that slimming down a specific area on the body isn’t easy. Everyone has a spot on their body where fat is more stubborn, which is due to genetics, hormones, diet, etc.

So when it comes to trimming down your hips, you have to do several things at the same time:

  • Balanced diet
  • Cardiovascular and toning exercises
  • Natural massages and techniques to work the area

1. Coffee and sea salt massage

Doing deep skin exfoliation on a weekly basis is the first step for eliminating the fat that builds up in troublesome areas. By exfoliating with coffee and sea salt, you can activate cellular regeneration and fight cellulite and flabby skin. In contrast to facial exfoliates or other delicate areas, you can use a deep exfoliation on the area that you want to treat.

  • You can use coffee grounds by mixing them with sea salt.
  • The caffeine in coffee grounds helps activate your body to burn fat and fight cellulite. Likewise, the sea salt provides many helpful minerals.

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2. Dry brushing

Dry brushing is a simple technique that’s similar to lymphatic draining.

  • By using a dry brushing technique, you can boost blood circulation and help your body eliminate liquids and toxins. Likewise, your skin will get softer.
  • If you dry brush two or three times a week, you can slim down your hips. At the same, you’ll get soft, firm and round hips.

3. Oil massages

If you get into the habit of exfoliating and brushing, you should also start getting used to deep moisturizing to prevent you skin from drying out. With the help of a good vegetable oil, you can nourish your skin and prevent fat from building up as well as stretchmarks.

  • Try using almond or coconut oil mixed with a few drops of essential lemon, rosemary or lavender oil.

4. Cold water

If you’re used to taking hot showers, you should know that it’s not that great for your skin. Over time, hot showers will only leave your skin looking loose.

Showering with cold, or even alternating between hot and cold water, is better for activating blood circulation, reducing fat and firming up skin, improving its overall appearance. Thus, cold water is a great natural solution for those stubborn fat areas.

5. Walking

People who have the habit of walking whenever they can, are following a great health tip without even knowing it. Walking is great for improving many areas of the body. In addition, it’s also a simple and natural remedy for slimmer and stronger legs.

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6. Cardiovascular exercise

Cardiovascular exercise

Every kind of localized fat-burning plan includes cardiovascular activity. You can choose the exercises that best suit you:

  • Aerobic dances such as ballroom and Eastern dance or zumba
  • Jogging
  • Swimming
  • Cycling
  • Treadmill or elliptical

At the very least, you should do a cardiovascular activity twice a week. While exercising, you should focus on the area that you want to slim down. By looking at the trouble areas, you’ll be able to focus more of your energy on your hips.

7. Toning exercises

In addition to reducing the accumulated fat, you should also try to do toning exercises to strengthen your legs and prevent flabby skin. You can exercise almost anywhere by using weights and elastic bands (in a pilates class, for example). Or, you can use exercise machines and weights.

Getting into the habit of stretching before and after each workout is also important. You should focus especially on stretching out your sides. Getting your sides more flexible will help mold your shape and have it become more flexible.