7 Ways to Love Your Life

Someone who loves their life doesn't waste time criticising others. They enjoy the present and are capable of enjoying both their achievements and other people's.
7 Ways to Love Your Life

Last update: 14 September, 2018

Would you say that you love your life? When we say “love,” we’re using a word which is extremely difficult to understand, but easy to feel.

There are different types of love: between partners, between family, and the love we’re talking about today: self-love.

If you’re not sure whether the answer is yes or no, read on to learn how to become someone who loves their life completely. It’s not so complicated and you’ll be much happier.

1. Value Your Surroundings

Love Your Life

Perfection does not exist. Remembering this is the first step towards being someone who loves their life. To love yourself, you need to feel something for the things around you and see the positive side of everything in your environment.

Of course, negative things do exist and we can’t deny that. What you need to learn to do is change your mentality to find the silver lining, the positive side of things. Maybe you won’t always be able to do it immediately, but don’t confine yourself to thinking about the present.

2. Understand that You’re Unique and Something Exists Just for You

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There are many people who will try to put you down, who will treat you like just another person, and make you feel like you’re not special. Most are negative people who haven’t managed to achieve the things they want or lack a bit of self-love themselves.

Don’t be like them. Be a better version of yourself. Give yourself time to find what makes you unique and consciously adopt it. You can be your own greatest source of inspiration for being someone who loves their life.

3. Don’t Be Selfish

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Happiness is often found with other people. We generally find it with the help of others. This is why, if you’re going to be someone who loves their life, you need to show kindness and help people who need support.

Do it sincerely and look to enjoy it as much as possible. Find a cause that inspires you and makes you feel meaning. Some people even manage to do so well at this that they end up starting a new business or charitable venture.

4. Plan Long and Short-term Goals


To overcome difficulties, you need to be braver. Come up with goals for the short-term, like saving for a trip, studying a new language, or getting into shape.

This list of goals you will have achieved will increase your self-esteem and confidence, which will make it easier to start loving your life.

5. Live Your Life from Day to Day

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Neither the past nor the future are real. Therefore, in order to love yourself and become someone who loves their life you need to stop worrying about them and enjoy what you have now.

If things aren’t exactly how you would like now, look closely at what you can do to improve them. However, don’t obsess over things that are impossible to control.

Remember that there will always be a new problem or difficult challenge that you need to overcome. What there also needs to be at all times is the hope and belief that things will get better.

6. Don’t Criticise


One of the main reasons for unhappiness is constantly criticizing. Try to avoid spending your life complaining about what you have.

If you feel inferior to other people, try to grow in a positive way. There are people who spend their lives criticizing others as a way to make themselves feel superior.

Don’t fall into this trap. Although you might feel better in the beginning, as time goes on, you will just need to do it again…and it doesn’t solve anything.

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7. Live and Let Live

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Focus on yourself, your goals, and your dreams, instead of things around you. Remember, in your life, you are the most important. Sure, you can worry about your family and friends, but no more than they deserve.

Let other people make their mistakes and you make yours.

Remember, what could be a bad thing for you could make perfect sense to someone else. This happens because everyone has their own dreams and expectations, and no one needs to follow the same path as you.

Consciously Work Love Your Life Completely

The most important point when looking for happiness and trying to love your life is that you need to do it genuinely and rationally.

It might seem very simple, but as you try it you’ll see that it takes a lot of effort not to be too critical or try to control other people.

The good news is that it’s not impossible. It just requires a little hard work.

Are you up for it? Are you ready to be someone who loves their life?

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