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7 Tips to Stimulate Men

Don't let monotony take over your relationship, there are endless strategies to rekindle passion in bed. Learn how to stimulate a man with these simple tips.
7 Tips to Stimulate Men

Last update: 06 December, 2021

Have you noticed that your partner is no longer excited as before? Do you want to surprise him in your love life? Here are 7 tips to stimulate men! Keep reading!

Just like women, men have numerous erogenous zones; that is, parts of the body that, once stimulated, lead to sexual arousal. Get to know them and explore his body, offering him a passionate and pleasurable experience.

7 tips to stimulate men

Seduce, provoke, and excite are key words to consider when sharing a sexual encounter with a man. To get the maximum enjoyment from start to finish, start putting these recommendations into practice, and make him explode with pleasure.

How to stimulate men.

1. Expectation

Before starting to stimulate men, make them wait a little, but in a smart way. Try to seduce him subtly and then tease him intensely.

2. Don’t rush

Choose a good time to stimulate him. When he gets his erection, you can use your hands and gently caress his manhood.

3. Stimulate his erogenous zones

Erogenous zones are parts of the body that have greater sensitivity or nerve endings, compared to the rest. Among them we can find:

  • The nape
  • Ears
  • Lips
  • Neck
  • Eyelids
  • Pectorals
  • Lower belly
  • Inner thigh
  • Scalp

4. Lingerie

A couple making love.

Buy some risque lingerie without fear or shyness. Your man will thank you and you’ll be conceived as a confident and secure woman both with your body and your sexuality.

5. Give him oral sex

This is one of the secrets to maintain a pleasant and lasting sexual relationship. Your saliva will make his penis stay erect, but if you’re too keen on it, why not use flavored lubricants?

6. Masturbate him

To masturbate him, you should gently hold his penis from the shaft. Then, proceed to massage him, going up and down, alternating the rhythm (he may tell you to go faster at times). At the same time, you can caress his testicles.

7. Watch sex movies

Men are very visual, so a porn movie or a movie with explicit sex scenes can help you turn him on. Another useful idea is to masturbate in front of him and stroke him in the above erogenous zones at the same time.

Anatomy of the penis

Repeating the same up and down motion all the time is more than enough. It works, but that’s boring. There are many parts of the male anatomy, and especially his genital anatomy, that can be taken into account to bring him to maximum delight.

  • He’ll love it when you hold the shaft of his penis well with both hands.
  • He’ll appreciate all kinds of massages and caresses.
  • The corona (the small ridge between the shaft and the glans) is an extremely sensitive area.
  • The glans, the tip of the penis, is very receptive to oral and manual caresses.
  • For some, the testicles are good areas to massage.
  • The perineum is a very thin and sensitive skin between the anus and the genital parts.
  • The anus is a taboo area for some, while for others it gives intense pleasure, but be careful! You should stop if you see that it causes discomfort.

The H-spot

A guy’s G-spot, also known as the H-spot, is his prostate gland. This is responsible for producing most of the semen, but it’s also a very sensitive erogenous zone. You can look for his prostate about 7 centimeters (3 inches) inside his anus, near his genitals. It is about the size and shape of a walnut.

Try massaging his perineum. Then move your finger around his anus, take some lube and carefully insert it. Once you’re inside, try moving your fingers up and down. This will turn him on.

Tips to keep in mind

First of all, every time you reach one of those hot spots, ask him if he likes it and watch and learn from his responses. His little moans of happiness will serve as a good indicator to discover your partner’s tastes.

A few final tips for you:

  • Why not take a shower with him?
  • Use lubricant
  • Keep your nails clean and short
  • Sex toys help
  • If your guy wants you to experiment with his H-spot, it doesn’t mean he’s gay. Try to make him see that it’s absolutely natural and normal to want to experiment.

Although we’re all different, there are certain common traits that characterize us, especially when it comes to sexuality. Follow these recommendations to stimulate your man in each of his senses so he can have a better lovemaking experience with you.

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