7 Tips to Shape Your Figure Naturally

· May 31, 2017
To shape your figure, it's important to combine a balanced diet with physical exercise. That's the best way to get a toned and healthy body and improve your posture and self-esteem.

A shapely body is slender but with curves. It’s strong and healthy, with a nice, rounded and toned shape.

To achieve this, we need to act both from the inside and outside.

In this article, discover the 7 most effective tips to shape your body naturally and improve your figure.

Shaping your figure is not the same as losing weight

Many of us have erroneously believe that having a good body means losing weight.

However, there is a growing tendency towards shaping the figure in a more healthy way to have a curvy figure that transmits health and energy.

People now seek feminine bodies with figures that don’t tend towards excessive slimness or towards being overweight. This comes from a balanced diet and consistent physical exercise.

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The perfect figure

The perfect figure is different for each person, given that it depends on your constitution. It’s really about achieving the best version of yourself.

In these tips, we offer you advice to achieve a nice, rounded and toned body by turning fat into muscle so that you feel both strong and light.

1. Learn to eat right

Learning to eat right doesn’t mean reducing calories or avoiding fat. Rather, you should follow some intelligent advice that will have a positive effect on your figure:

  • Maintain a healthy relationship with food, without guilt or regrets. Try to eat healthy and enjoy it.
  • Don’t overeat until you’re very full at meals, but rather stop at 80%. This will help you to have a slimmer waistline.
  • Chew food well.
  • Drink a lot of water outside of mealtimes.
  • Choose natural foods instead of processed foods.
  • Your diet should include healthy fats like avocado, dried fruits, seeds, oily fish, eggs, olive oil and coconut oil.

2. Improve your inner state

Your emotional and psychological state will also be reflected in your physical state.

For this reason, you should regulate your nervous system, especially if your suffer from a disorder such as anxiety, irritability, stress or insomnia.

You can turn to medicinal plants, to relaxing therapies like yoga or to more intense exercise, which also generates relaxation afterwards.

You can also try therapies like homeopathy or Bach flowers.

3. Take care of your hormonal balance

Hormones can affect your figure when they’re out of balance and can cause fat to accumulate in areas like the thighs, the waist and the chest.

If you suffer from any hormonal disorder, such as painful or irregular menstruation or cysts, it’s possible that you should turn to some kind of natural treatment.

This will also help us to shape the figure.

Some of the most common remedies are:

  • Evening primrose oil
  • Sage
  • Chasteberry
  • Wild yam
  • Maca

4. Fight liquid retention

Liquid retention can affect your body’s shape through the accumulation of water in areas like the legs, stomach or face.

To fight liquid retention you can follow this advice:

  • Reduce your consumption of salt and always avoid table salt. It is better to use sea salt or Himalayan salt.
  • Drink water or homemade fruit and vegetable juices throughout the day.
  • Drink teas made with horsetail, burdock and dandelion.

5. Tone up and strengthen your body

Physical exercise is essential to substitute fat with muscles and to give shape to the parts of the body you want rounded.

Through sports you can achieve wider hips and more voluminous buttocks, as well as tone the body in general.

The most suitable kind of exercise is high-intensity interval exercise, like crossfit, for example.

6. Let’s not forget posture

Bad posture can put your spinal column out of shape and hence your body in general.

If you have problems with posture, you can do therapy to correct it, such as pilates, anti-gymnastics or shiatsu, etc.. You should also pay attention to how you sit, walk, sleep and stand.

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7. Stretch every day

Stretching helps to improve your posture as well as to increase the effects of the sports you do. Also, if you’re flexible, you’re feel more full of energy and vitality.

You should always prioritize stretches for the back and any parts of the body where you’re experiencing discomfort or pains.