7 Tips for Relieving Stress When You Get Home

· January 22, 2015

Stress is one of the worst enemies for your health. Heart problems, heart attack risk, weak immune system… How can you protect yourself from it? You have to change a lot of your habits. When you get home, there is always something new to do, but you need to take a moment to stop, which is why we will give you a few simple tips on relieving stress when you get home.

Children, household chores, making food… when you get home, there is an endless amount of tasks that turn into a new prolongation of work. If you also have problems and worries on your mind, you will acquire more stress day to day until it turns into a vicious cycle that you can’t escape from. How about you start changing these small things? What if you try to introduce the following tips for relieving stress in your life?

Reduce Your Stress When You Get Home: Simple Tips

1. Take Your Shoes Off


Some people say it’s not healthy. But few things are as comfortable as arriving home and taking off your shoes to feel calmness, to feel serenity in your home. Walking barefoot activates a lot of your vital functions: stimulates your circulation, gives your veins strength, strengthens the nervous system, reduces stress… and even more so if you do it on a surface like grass or sand. It is a relaxing experience that you can practice by walking barefoot when you get home.

2. Consciousness-Raising


Once you get home, you should know that your work responsibility has ended. You should separate the two places as much as possible: personal and work. When you are at home, you should know that it is your time and your life, real life, where your loved ones are and where the important things are. You should enjoy them and yourself by establishing a separation.

3. Take a Small Walk


A half an hour is enough, you won’t need anything else. Just go to the park, for example, walk around your neighborhood to release tension, to exercise your body, and offer it a small amount of endorphins to eliminate toxins and activate your body and rest your mind. It doesn’t cost anything and is a great way to release stress. If you do it with your significant other or a friend, it will be much better.

4. A Small Nap


You don’t need to sleep for an hour at all. A 15 or 20 minute nap is enough to gain back energy, wake up clearer, and relieve tension. You don’t even need to fall into deep sleep. Just lay down on the sofa, put your feet up, and close your eyes for a few minutes while you breath a little slower is enough to leave stress on the side and be in a more relaxed state.

5. A Relaxing Bath


Not many things are more relaxing. Dedicate at least a half hour to take a hot bath (or a shower) and let your body be enveloped in this warm feeling of relief. Relax your nervous system, relieve pain and inflammation, eliminate toxins…

6. Don’t Do Two Things at Once


Arriving home and starting to cook while you watch the children, iron, and look at your calendar, thinking about what you are going to do tomorrow… How many things can you do at once when you get home? Try to be conscious of these things in order to get a balance and maintain calm while preventing new stressful situations.

7. Mental Fatigue


Relax for ten minutes by thinking about your own things. Invest in time for yourself, thinking about the present and all that you want for the future. Value everything that you have and all of the good things you have. Sometimes, stress makes you lose the horizon until everything important to you is blurry, until you don’t know what your priorities are anymore. Your health is the most important. Relax, smile, visualize pleasant things. It is really easy.