7 Tips for Improving Your Self-Image

May 16, 2017
You may not believe it, but your self-image depends exclusively on you, so stop putting obstacles in your way and start seeking your well-being so you can grow as a person. You are beautiful; you just have to believe it!

Do you try hard in everything but still don’t feel like you’re good enough? Do you think that you’d be better if you were taller, shorter, skinnier, etc?

Maybe the reason you aren’t happy with yourself has nothing to do with your physical appearance or material possessions. Have you ever considered that you may have a distorted self-image?

The truth is that many of the things mentioned above are related more to the perception you have of yourself than to real defects.

While it’s true that losing a few pounds may help, a lack of self-love keeps anyone from really being happy.

Your self-image is how you see yourself. This perspective directly affects your life in all aspects: emotionally, physically, financially, socially, at work, etc.

“Who am I?” and “Who do I want to be?” are questions that can’t be answered externally.

Today, we’ll give you some tips to improve your self-image.

Get connected to your body

Exercise, move, breathe, and be conscious of who you are in order to improve your self-image. Taking a yoga class can help you to connect to your physical body.

Understanding the sensations you feel, how you face situations is part of being fully aware of who you are.

Even if you don’t want to or can’t take a yoga class, you can learn by yourself. Go for a walk and concentrate solely on yourself. Forget everything outside and feel how your skin gets warm from the sun or how your chest moves as you exhale.

Pay attention to the sensation your clothes make on your skin and become aware of your physical side and how it’s related to your mind.

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This is a necessary exercise for discovering your strengths and weaknesses. Explore them at work and in your personal life.

How do you react to each situation presented to you?

Self-analysis lets you make decisions that strengthen your self-image. Do you react how you would have liked to? What would you change? Why didn’t you like this thing you consider a weakness?

Once you have the answers to these questions, you’ll be able to better decide which steps to take. When you realize that you didn’t react as you would’ve liked, you can look ahead to this reaction and change it.

Little by little, and with practice, you’ll be able to become the person you truly want to be.

Don’t listen to the world; listen to yourself

Human beings seem to have a compulsive need to please others, even if it doesn’t result in the happiness that it should. The external encroaches on your internal thoughts.

When you don’t manage to please society, it can make you feel worse. Not being accepted by others ends up damaging your self-image.

You must learn to filter external opinions. Stop listening to criticism and don’t let people make you feel bad. It’s essential to learn how to be a better you every day and to be authentic.

The most effective way to do this is to get to know yourself and love yourself just the way you are.

Have clear goals

Once you become aware of who you are and what you don’t want in life, it’s time to move on to the next phase: work on becoming who you want to be. It’s hard and will take a lot of effort.

Remember that your goals should be:

  • Precise. The more specific you are when you define what you want, the easier it will be to get it.
  • Measurable. When do you want to reach this goal? Having a specific date helps you make the goal a priority. When you feel like you’re racing against the clock, you are less likely to procrastinate.

They are two very simple concepts, but they will have an amazing effect on your self-image because they remind you that you are able to do what you decide to do. This gives you confidence.

Create habits

Write down a list of habits that make you or would make you happy. Some may be simple things that help you look better physically, others may be mentally nourishing.

A few examples are:

  • A new haircut every 6 months,
  • Writing down goals you’ve met,
  • Making a list of goals,
  • Creating new habits every so often,
  • Making a folder of inspiring things,
  • Putting photos together of who you want to be.

Don’t give up

Life is full of challenges, failures, and tough times. Giving them more power than they deserve will not help your self-image at all.

Instead of feeling discouraged about what you didn’t achieve or weren’t able to do, give yourself another challenge.

It’s important to not try to do too much. When we tell you not to give up, we’re saying you should avoid pessimism but keep a realistic vision of the world.

In other words, just because you didn’t finish the marathon how you wanted to doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to next year with more training.

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Learn to laugh at yourself

Finally, the last tip we have for improving your self-image is to not take yourself too seriously. Learn to see your failures, mistakes, and weaknesses with a touch of humor.

This will let you see your life and who you are in a fresh, new way.

After all, you can’t go through life focusing on the bad all the time.


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