7 Things You Should Avoid Right After Eating

· August 14, 2017
Most of us make some mistakes after eating that can cause discomfort, indigestion, and even affect the absorption of nutrients. Learn about them in this article!

Although it may seem that there is no connection between eating and the consequences of certain actions, you can be sure that there are a series of mistakes that we should avoid making when we finish eating. 

So, if you want to preserve your health and well-being, take note of these five things you should avoid right after eating.

1. Exercise

You should not exercise right after eating. It would be better to exercise before or long after having eaten. Wait at least two hours.

Doing stomach exercises can cause hiccups and nausea, as well as injuries and cramps.

  • If this is the only time you have to exercise, it would be best to go for a relaxing walk.

2. Smoking

Tobacco is never good for you, but it is much worse when digesting food.

It is during that time that all of our body’s systems are working, so if you smoke during this period then the nicotine will be absorbed much faster.

What are the consequences? It will increase its negative effects.

  • Furthermore, tobacco can block the absorption of important vitamins and minerals, such as calcium and vitamins C and D.

Avoid smoking, for at least 20 minutes after eating.

3. Be Careful with Sleeping

Going to sleep immediately after eating can be dangerous.

And even though this habit does not cause one to be overweight, as was once thought, it can increase heartburn, and increase the risk of dying of a stroke. 

The solution is simple. Follow the recommendation of specialists who state that one should not go to sleep for at least two hours after having eaten a meal.

4. Take a Bath or Shower

Taking a bath or shower after eating is not recommended at all. This can also be applied to going swimming.

This is because, when we bathe, our body temperature increases slowly, which makes it necessary for the body to send more blood than is normally needed. 

All of this can affect the digestion process and slow down our digestion. 

The solution? Wait at least 30 minutes after eating to take a bath and you will avoid these bothersome setbacks.

5. Drink Tea

Drinking tea after eating is a common custom, but the truth is, it is not very healthy.

We are talking about a drink that impedes the absorption of iron, which is something we need to keep in mind, especially if we suffer from anemia.

If you have an iron deficiency or if you are pregnant, it would be best for you to not drink tea for at least one hour after eating.

If you have to have a hot drink, it would be better to opt for coffee, which will not cause these disturbances.

6. Eat Fruit

While it may appear to the contrary, eating a piece of fruit after eating is not the best idea.

And that is because digesting fruit is not always as simple as we may think. It requires many different enzymes to digest.

Further, the simple sugars that are found in fruit need time to be completely absorbed by the body.

That being the case, it would be best to eat fruit only when your stomach is empty, that way you can benefit fully from all its nutrients, fiber, and simple sugars.

Remember that fruit is made up, primarily, of fructose. This can convert, much faster than we may think, into glucose. However, you can avoid this if you eat it the proper way.

Look for the best time for your body to be able to fully absorb all of the nutrients that fruits provide.

7. Watch your Belt

If you tend to wear a belt, make sure you do not wear it too tight after eating. This simple act can cause unwanted intestinal problems.

Keep this in mind and it will be much better for your digestion and well-being.