7 Things Nobody Tells You About Your Period

· June 6, 2017
It's your best friend or your worst enemy, and it's a part of your life every month. It's your period, and there's a few things you probably wish you would have known about it when you were younger.

While many women get upset when their period ruins their plans, it can be even more concerning when there aren’t any signs of it starting.

So what’s the deal with our monthly “gift”?

As you probably already know, periods vary for each person.

And, of course, this experience varies from person to person. For some women, the process of bearing this tortuous blessing can be difficult.

There’s undoubtedly a lot to talk about, but there are a few things that no one will tell you about your period and it’s best for you to know them.

1. It can be your best friend


Not getting your period can be a very bad sign. After all, could you imagine:

  • You had a few too many drinks one night.  The next morning, you woke up in a guy’s apartment and don’t remember whether or not you used protection.
  • You discovered that your partner was having an affair with another girl for the past year. Then, at the same time, you realize that you’re a few weeks late.

In such situations, having your period run like clockwork may be the best thing in the universe!

Our first recommendation is that you’re always careful when having sex. However, we understand that there may be some unforeseen events.

2. Your period can also be your worst enemy

When you start discussing with your partner about having children, your menstrual period may also be by far the worst thing in the world at the time.

This because it tells you a very clear and disappointing message: “You’re not pregnant”.

Now you’ll be left with no other choice than to wait another 28 long days, hoping not to see your period from the next month on.

3. It almost always come at the worst possible time


When you’re preparing for the slumber party for your best friend’s birthday. When you go on vacation and you’re about to travel with your classmates. Or when you’re about to put on your white dress to walk down the altar and take the big leap towards saying “I do.”

Your “dear friend” may cause you to reconsider confirming your attendance, but she’ll definitely make an appearance at your special event even if you haven’t invited her.

However, the reality is that your period doesn’t have to affect all these plans.

Most of this is not an issue unless you have medical problems that lead to very severe or painful periods.

4. The time will come when you will need to borrow “one of those things”

There’s a time in every girl’s life, which comes sooner or later, when they get their period unexpectedly.

It can happen to anyone: imagine deciding to use a different bag, forgetting to buy your favorite pads when you were in the store, or giving your last one to a friend in need.

Your period won’t care and will come anyway. It’s here that you’ll have to go on a recon mission to retrieve the “goods”.

5. Bonding with other women will help you


You could share the details of how your period caused problems during one of your classes. Or, drown your sorrows with a good drink and pizza while you watch your favorite TV series.

You could also wipe the tears of a friend who’s trying to have a baby. No matter what, menstruation unites women in many ways.

Periods are a bond that only women share and understand. And, for better or worse, menstruation enables women to laugh and cry together from time to time.

6. Periods are nothing like what commercials suggest

We seriously doubt that most women are jumping on a trampoline, climbing a mountain or dancing around a campfire with white shorts, especially when they get their period.

However, we also don’t imagine most women lying as still as a mummy in a bed when their period arrives.

Much progress has been made since Ancient Romans times when women wore wool tampons. Nevertheless, there’s still the possibility of having leaks at inopportune moments.

Accidents which entail the thread of your tampon hanging between your legs when you’re wearing a bikini can also be very embarrassing. However, they happen to almost all of us, and we all understand!

7. The last day of your period will come


This is probably the most important thing to remember about your menstrual period: one day it will stop, without warning and forever.

Maybe this seems like great news to you as you find yourself cuddled in bed with a thermal blanket, a box of painkillers and a box of chocolates.

However, it’s not so good when you’re in your forties and you begin to get hot flashes, experience a lack of sex drive as well as the many other symptoms that come along with the menopause.

We like to look at the bright side, though: one day, it’ll all go away!