7 Things You Should Never Tolerate in Your Relationship

· July 24, 2017
It is essential to learn to identify these toxic behaviors from the beginning of a relationship and not overlook them, because they can become consistant and destroy you psychologically.

When we make the decision to have a partner, we seek to build an experience full of emotions and happiness.

The attraction and affection we have for that person encourage us to improve ourselves and over time allows us to feel complete.

However, we know that at some point we’ll have to face difficult situations which, although they sometimes  strengthen bonds, can also determine whether or not we truly want to continue the relationship.

Although ups and downs are normal, it is important to be able to recognize certain behaviors and nasty actions that we shouldn’t tolerate under any circumstances.

So-called “emotional predators” are all over the place, and unfortunately, we often fall prey of their game until we reach terrible situations.

That’s why today we want to dedicate our blog to 7 things that you shouldn’t tolerate in your relationship if you don’t want to end up hurt.

Discover them!

1. Control

When you accept being in a relationship with someone, you want to share your life with them, but not to accept that they take total control over you.

If you allow them to tell you what to do or not to do, how to dress or which friends to spend time with, it’s likely that over time they will think they have total control over your decisions.

Continuing this type of relationship can destroy your self-esteem and your freedom to develop your own personality.

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2. Aggression

Watch out! Whether it’s a man or a woman, you must totally reject physically or emotionally aggressive behaviors whatever the circumstances.

Verbal attacks, pushes, and in the worst case scenario, physical abuse, are sufficient motive to decide that this person should not be in your life.

If someone attacks your integrity because they don’t like things in your life, or because they think that they can solve problems that way, things can get worse.

These partners are manipulative and, given that they know your weaknesses, they will look for ways to convince you to stay with them.

3. Lack of trust

One of the basic virtues of any relationship is trust.

This ingredient allows both partners to feel sure about the person they have at their side and, although they can’t always be together, it will make them feel safe in the knowledge that they have each other.

The lack of this quality, whether in both people or just one, will lead to suffocating jealously and constant arguments.

4. Emotional blackmail

The sorts of people who tend to manipulate their partners usually analyze their emotions in depth so that later they can use them to blackmail the person.

In general, they try to build a concept of toxic love, in which all their actions and behaviors are validated because “they love you.”

It is very important to be strong when facing this kind of blackmail, because any sign of weakness will allow them to feel they have the control.

5. Taunts about your appearance

We all have physical flaws, which can make us feel insecure and create issues in our relationships and social environments.

However, when we share our life with someone, we want that person to help us minimize what we don’t like and to encourage our self-esteem and self-confidence.

If a partner makes jibes about your body, pressures you about your weight or tries to destroy you by emphasizing your defects, leave them.

You are not obliged to comply with their beauty stereotypes, and even less so to please someone else.

6. Lies

Lies are one of the greatest enemies of relationships, not just because they affect trust but also because they become tools of manipulation.

Although it may be inoffensive to tell the occasional white lie, allowing this to become a way of life can destroy the relationship completely.

Lies tend to be interpreted as infidelity, and when they are frequent, they can serve as a trigger to realize that this person is not who they say they are.

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7. Putting you down

Sad as it may seem, some people give everything to make their partner happy and, in exchange, only get put down and humiliated.

If your partner does not value who you are, tries to make you feel inferior or ridicules you in front of others, the best thing you can do is to leave them as soon as possible.

Allowing them to behave in this way will make them feel superior and that they have the right to attack you whenever they want.

Have you noticed any of these behaviors in your partner? Watch out! Don’t let the situation get the better of you, because you might regret it. Your relationship should be respectful and should offer you all the necessary components to feel happy.