The 7 Sins of Skin Care

Although it might not be a good idea to do this all the time (as it weakens the skin), skin care such as exfoliating is fundamental for eliminating dead skin cells and keeping skin beautiful.

The skin is the largest organ.  Not only does it play its role in beauty, but it is also responsible for protecting the body from external agents: contamination, microorganisms, sun rays, and more.

For a long time, skin care has played a central role in life.  As people are exposed to various environmental factors, the skin tends to grow weak and develops various unsightly conditions.

The search for perfect, beautiful skin, however, is often times overlooked in the shadow of other important things to care for.

That’s why it’s important to know what exactly your skin needs, and what you can do for healthy skin care.

Are you sure that you’re taking care of your skin right?

7 Sins of Skin Care

Taking hot showers

Taking hot showers

A lot of times you might have to shower with warm water, either because it’s cold outside or because you’re getting over an illness.

But when this becomes a daily habit, they are bad for the skin, even though they are relaxing.  They reduce the skin’s natural oils and cause dryness and itching.

In fact, sometimes this habit is even worse because some people combine hot showers with harsh chemical soaps, which will cause your skin to become flaky.

Not removing makeup

There is absolutely no reason that you should ever leave your makeup on from the day before when you go to bed.  While you’re sleeping, the chemicals can really damage your skin, blocking oxygen from cells for their recovery.

Every day, before you go to bed, it is very important that you remove any remnant of makeup of your face.  And if possible, refresh your skin with some toner.

Tanning too much

Tanning too much

Tan skin may look spectacular, and aesthetically it is great; but whenever anyone is exposed to sun for too long, or use tanning beds too often, they are really attacking their skin because this damages skin and prevents important cells from regenerating.

The consequences of excessive tanning can be seen over the years in cutaneous disturbances, premature aging, and in the worst of cases, skin cancer.

Drying off too harshly

Some people have the habit of drying themselves very briskly after getting out of the shower.

This is not a good idea because it could lead to the deterioration of natural oils on the skin, causing irritation and dryness.

The best way to dry off is to gently blot your skin with a soft towel, without pulling it.

Not exfoliating

Not exfoliating skin

Exfoliation skin care should not be done too often, but you also shouldn’t ignore it.

A lot of people justify not exfoliating by stating they don’t have enough time, or they’re tired after work.  But exfoliation gives the care your skin needs to regenerate.

This treatment is necessary, and it is the most effective way to remove dead skin cells that accumulate after sun and contamination exposure.

Popping pimples

Those annoying pimples are unsightly and often times pop up in different areas of the face and body at the same times.

A lot of people are tempted to pop them.  At first this may seem like the quickest way to get rid of a pimple, but in reality you will be irritating the skin, it could then become infected, and could even leave ugly scars that are hard to get rid of.

Touching your face too much

This might not be a conscious thing you do, but when you touch your face you are carrying germs and other things to your face that have accumulated on your hands.  These things can block pores, causing acne or black heads.

In this sense, it’s very important to keep your hands clean so as to prevent microorganisms and filth from coming into contact with your face.

Likewise, it is absolutely necessary that you clean your phone often.  Phones brush up against your face when you answer calls and even though you might not be able to see it with your eyes, they are contaminated by bacteria.

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