7 Simple Tricks to Clean the Most Inaccessible Places in Your House

· April 13, 2017
Looking for some great cleaning tips? Look no further than this article to learn some helpful tricks and hacks for cleaning hard-to-reach places and keeping your entire home clean and dust-free.

Cleaning your house isn’t always easy. There are areas of your home that are quite inaccessible, which makes the task of cleaning them almost impossible.

In today’s article, we reveal several tricks to make this chore easier and simpler to do.

1. Do a wet cleaning on your walls

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Use the right material and don’t hesitate to clean your walls every two months.

To do this correctly, it’s best to choose the right materials and then soak them with water, because this is the only way you’ll be able to really clean your walls.

And if there’s a truly purifying solution, it’s water. Water is capable of eliminating no less than 90% of dust.

To do a wet cleaning of your walls, simply use a damp cloth hooked to a stick that allows this device to reach all corners of the wall.

2. Clean top to bottom

You should also use a certain technique when you’re cleaning. After all, there are better methods than others.

It’s always best that you clean things from top to bottom. This is how you’ll stop dust from one surface spreading to another place.

In addition, you’ll be able to prevent your cleaning session from turning into an endless process. By following this method, you’ll get results in a faster and more effective way.

3. Cleaning filters and ventilation vents


It’s important that these areas are always clean. This is because if they’re not clean, there’ll always be dust in your house no matter how much you clean other areas. After all, a lot of dust accumulates in these places.

You’ll find the tools and products necessary to be able to perfectly clean these smaller and more delicate areas in supermarkets and specialized stores.

Such products range from special brushes to specific products.

4. Clean Your Carpets

The best way to your clean carpets is to steam them at least once a month.

In addition, you should vacuum them every week. This quick action will prevent your carpets from becoming the perfect place for the growth of mites.

If you’re buying new carpets or are thinking about changing your old ones, it’s best to select models made from non-synthetic fabrics.

This is because they attract less dust.

5. Baby wipes: your greatest allies

Baby wipes can help a lot when cleaning.

They’re useful both for removing dust from almost any surface and removing dirt from clothes. The best part is that they don’t leave stains and are more likely to guarantee a successful result.

In addition, they can also help if you want to clean your computer screen. Use baby wipes whenever you clean and buy them if you don’t have them at home.

6. Make sure your vacuum cleaner reaches everywhere


A vacuum cleaner is one of the gadgets that you should definitely have when doing a thorough house cleaning. However, it’s not always able to reach everywhere, of course.

Despite this, the truth is that this is much easier to do if you use this simple trick:

  • Attach a roll of toilet paper to your vacuum cleaner. This will allow you to get the vacuum cleaner to reach the most inaccessible places in the house, which are therefore also more likely to be full of dust.

7. Clean your plants

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Plants also have to be cleaned if you do not want them to become a real nest of dust. After all, this extra dust can be tough on your health and especially your respiratory system.

Plants are the lungs of our home, as they’re responsible for filtering the air of impurities and dust.

In order to clean them, you’ll have to spray them with water on a regular basis. This is how the air your in your house will be better quality for you and your family.

Give these great cleaning tips a try!