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7 Simple Tips for Women with Thin Hair

For thicker hair, or at least for hair that looks thicker, you can try out some beauty tricks to get the look that you want.
7 Simple Tips for Women with Thin Hair

Last update: 16 November, 2020

Although we can’t change our unique genetic code that determines specific characteristics, there are things we can do to improve on them.

In the case of hair, we can try out several simply techniques. Keep on reading.

7 simple tricks for women with thin hair

1. New haircut

thin hair

If your hair is straight and limp, a new hair cut can be the solution to your problems.

The best haircut for these cases is a long bob. It might very well be the perfect cut to complement the way your hair naturally is. When your hair doesn’t have too much volume, you should sport short haircuts.

In addition to giving hair shape and volume, a new haircut will frame your face.

Another good idea for people with thin hair is cutting it jaw-length.

  • You should keep the front a little longer and the back shorter.
  • This hairstyle provides a great visual solution because it has slight layers, making your hair look fuller.

2. Layers

If your hair is medium-length and short hairstyles aren’t for you, then you can try out a lovely layered haircut. It’ll add more volume to your hair without sacrificing the length.

Simple layering will sweep away all your worries. This simple cut will effectively hide the thinness of your hair. In addition, it’ll give your hair body and a little more movement that’ll look radiant.

3. Volume for short hair

If you already have a short hairstyle but still can’t achieve the volume that you crave, we recommend that you try a simple teasing technique. Teasing your hair will give it volume on the top area of your head.

  • If you’re not familiar with teasing, what you need to do brush hair towards your scalp as you hold it out. Doing so will give your hair a fuller, thicker and casual look.
  • To tease, use a narrow-toothed comb to get the best results.

4. Give your hair a little color

Give your hair a little color

Just with a couple of highlights, your hair can appear lighter. It’ll definitely create an image of a fuller mane.

Though you can choose any color of your choice, depending on hair’s original color and face shape, there are some colors that are more effective than others.

  • As a general rule, dying hair a lighter color will make it look more voluminous than dying it darker would.
  • If you don’t like artificial dyes, that you can opt for natural alternatives.

By using natural dyes, you can help add thickness to your hair as well as a natural color.

5. Beauty products

If you thought that beauty products couldn’t offer any benefit, you’re wrong.

To add more volume to your hair, you should make use of products that are specially designed for the job.

  • Start to include special shampoos and conditioners that fight hair loss and encourage hair growth.
  • There are many brands available in the market that target thin hair. In addition, they can complement other bath treatments and combing creams.

6. Waves for volume

Waves are always a great option for people thin hair. They’re easy to make at any moment.

You can even learn how to make your hair wavy at home. You’ll see in no time that it’s a great solution for thin hair.

7. New hairstyles

Another option for adding more volume, and a fuller look, to your hair is switching up your hairstyle.

  • Instead of parting your hair in the middle, change it to one side.

Though you might not believe it, this simple technique will make your hair look fuller.

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