7 Simple Tips for Weight Loss after the Holidays

If you want to lose weight, set realistic goals and don’t rely on miracle diets because they tend to cause a rebound effect. Ideally, you should change the way you look at food.
7 Simple Tips for Weight Loss after the Holidays

Last update: 23 November, 2018

The holidays are well behind us, but one of the lasting consequences can be those extra pounds you put on each year after overdoing it with festive food and drink. Weight loss after the holidays can be simple if you follow these tips, however.

In today’s article, discover seven tips that will help you lose weight without sacrifices or going hungry.

Weight loss after the holidays with common sense

Weight Loss after the Holidays
Miracle diets are not a good choice if what you want is to lose weight in a healthy way and avoid the rebound effect.

The most important thing is to change some of your habits and temporarily eliminate certain foods from your diet. A good attitude and perseverance are essential, however.

Certain fad diets are mere cleanses that you can follow for a day or two to rebalance your digestive system function after indulging too much.

The most effective weight loss option is to choose a long-term balanced diet.

Seven tips for weight loss

1-Take it slow

Don’t become obsessed with losing weight in one week – what’s important is to get used to reducing your weight a little day by day.

When you lose a lot of weight suddenly it puts your body into survival mode, which leads to the build up of fat and other problems like fatigue and irritability.

Look ahead to a one to three month period, after which you’ll see good results. The advantage of this is that you’ll also have more energy and a positive mood.

2-Set a goal

Set a goal and avoid looking at the scale every day.

There are lots of factors that influence your weight either up or down, such as fluid retention or muscle mass. For that reason, you shouldn’t be obsessed with your scale.

It’s important that you stick to a long-term goal that you believe will make you feel good about yourself.

3-Focus on dinner

Focus on dinner
The main meal you should pay attention to for weight loss is dinner, because it provides you with energy you probably won’t use. Those calories you don’t burn then turn into reserves.

Unlike breakfast and lunch, when you should eat heartier, more nutritious foods, you should choose light and easy to digest foods in the evening or night.

Carbohydrates are recommended during the day, for example, while at night you should have vegetables and a serving of lean protein.

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4-Create three food lists

Before starting your diet, spend a little time making three food lists:

  • The green list: Healthy foods that you can eat every day. This includes vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts and seeds, eggs, fish, and poultry.
  • The yellow list: Foods you can eat a few times a week. These are red meat, dairy products, packaged juices, and whole grain flour.
  • The red list: Foods you should avoid eating. This includes fried foods, pastries, sweets, ice cream, soft drinks, refined flours, frozen foods, cream, etc.

These lists should be personalized based on what you already eat to facilitate better menu choices. Try putting it on your fridge.

One way to avoid eating foods on the red list is simply to not buy them. You won’t even have the opportunity.

5-Chew each bite

Chew each bite
It’s as simple as that. When you chew each bit carefully it allows you to enjoy more of your food, facilitates good digestion, helps you absorb more nutrients, and makes you feel full.

This is the easiest piece of advice to follow, although it’s something that most people have the hardest time doing.

6-Drink water in between meals

Drinking water throughout the day and in between meals speeds up your metabolism and helps you lose weight more easily.

It also improves digestion, eliminates toxins and fluids, and helps you eat less without going hungry.

7-Choose your exercise wisely

Choose your exercise wisely
One of the best ways to use exercise to lose weight is not to spend hours at the gym, but to do interval training.

This means that short periods of medium intensity exercise are alternated with breaks, and the process is repeated several times.

This allows you to tone your body and burn fat, based on two to three 30 minute sessions per week.

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