7 Simple Habits to Help Increase Your Sex Drive

Routine is one of the worst things for your sex drive. If you want to relight that fire, take a step away from the norm and try new things.
7 Simple Habits to Help Increase Your Sex Drive

Last update: 28 February, 2019

Sex drive is a very important aspect in the life of all adults, especially when you make the decision to be in a stable relationship. But when things start to get a bit routine how can you increase your sex drive? Read on!

Sex isn’t just a biological necessity. It also works to strengthen physical and emotional bonds.

It also has a wide variety of benefits on both the physical and mental levels, and is ideal for promoting good health for individuals as well as couples.

The problem is that sometimes certain factors lower your libido and keep you from enjoying sex to its fullest.

This could be due to hormonal changes, although it is also associated with mood, diet, and what kind of communication is happening in the relationship.

Fortunately, you can revive the passion and drive, and enjoy more pleasurable sex by changing a few lifestyle habits.

Want to find out how?

1. Increase your sex drive by exercising regularly

A couple exercising together.

Physical activity is beneficial for your sexual health in many ways, though many are unaware of this. It improves your circulation, which increases both men and women’s ability to be aroused.

It also improves your mood, which increases your body’s secretion of hormones like serotonin and endorphins.

Exercise even helps encourage a proper balance of sex hormones, a decisive factor when it comes to avoiding problems in your sex life.

In addition, it improves your appearance and self-esteem, two more factors that influence sex drive.

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2. Adopt a healthy diet

Eating well doesn’t just lead to physical health, but also has incredible benefits when it comes to sex drive.

While foods high in fat lower your libido and the activity of sex hormones, certain fruits, vegetables, and grains contribute to better sex.

This is because they play a role in regulating hormones while also increasing your energy levels. This means longer-lasting and more enjoyable sex.

3. Control stress

A woman feeling stressed.

Work worries and other stressful situations can be directly related to lowered libido. They can cause physical exhaustion and hormone imbalances that keep you from enjoying sex.

Therefore, it is essential to get into the habit of using relaxation techniques and enjoyable activities to help balance your hormones.

This will reduce your levels of cortisol and increase your desire to enjoy the pleasures of your relationship.

4. Plan nights out

Many of the’s sex lives have to do with being stuck in a rut.

While we’re not saying you need to do something different every single day, it is a good idea to break out of the mold once in a while and enjoy new experiences.

Instead of staying in like usual, it’s healthy to try a new place where you both feel comfortable.

Planning a night out to a special place, whether a hotel or campsite, may be the perfect solution to revive your relationship.

5. Don’t smoke

A woman smoking.

It has been proven that the toxic substances in cigarettes can also directly affect your libido and sexual performance. They affect blood flow in the genital area and speed up the aging process of your arteries.

Smoking also causes imbalances in hormone secretion, which significantly reduces sex drive.

6. Improve your communication

Having good communication with your partner is a great way to increase sex drive and enjoy better sex.

This means figuring out what the negative aspects are during sex, while at the same time communicating what you like.

This kind of talk is considered quite an aphrodisiac when things aren’t going so well in your sex life.

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7. Pick an appropriate atmosphere

A romantic bedroom.

Making an effort to improve the feel of your bedroom or favorite spot to make love in is an easy to way to light the fire again and increase your sex drive.

It can be as simple as lighting a few candles, making the room smell beautiful, or putting some mood music on to completely change things up during sex.

As you can see, all it takes is a few simple changes to increase your sex drive and get better sex.

Try them out and see for yourself what they can do!

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