7 Signs You’re a Free Spirit

Being a free spirit, contrary to what many people may think, doesn't mean shirking responsibilities or aspiring to a kind of careless freedom. It's about being true to yourself. Are you a free spirit?

A free spirit is a person with a type of personality that has reached a certain level of maturity and psychological ability based on self-sufficiency and security.

It’s not easy to reach this peak of personal growth.

In addition, it has to do with a dimension that would fit in well into the hierarchy of needs that Abraham Maslow introduced in 1943 in his article “A Theory of Human Motivation.”

However, being a free spirit certainly doesn’t mean acting like a person who has cut themselves off from all ties and responsibility. This is a common misconception.

A real free spirit possesses characteristics, attitudes, and ways of interacting with reality that makes them more able to face life’s adversity.

Today, we’ll talk about what defines a free spirit. Is this you?

1. You choose, think, and act without needing approval

Getting to this point in your personal journey where you don’t need other people’s approval is definitely a big step.

Over the course of a big part of your life, you often feel like you need to be validated by society. First come your parents, then your peers, and later your work environment.

Letting yourself be seen for who you are and speaking from the heart with sincerity isn’t something that happens overnight.

Only true free spirits get there.

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2. You live fearlessly and trust yourself

Experts in the areas of personal growth and motivational psychology know very well that fear is the big opportunity killer.

When you finally stop with the worrying and stop picturing future doom, you will be able to take bigger steps.

Happiness is always just beyond your fears. However, to cross that line, what you need first is self-confidence.

3. You’re an authentic, bold, spontaneous person

Sincerity defines you, but also the kind of impertinence that gets you smiles and looks of understanding.

You’re spontaneous because you don’t care what people will say anymore, or what they’ll think.

Authentic characters are free spirits because their internal self isn’t censured any longer. They’re in touch with their true essence and values and can show the world how they understand life: passionately.

4. You know why it’s worth fighting for

Being a free spirit, contrary to what many people may think, doesn’t mean shirking responsibilities or aspiring to a kind of careless freedom. It’s nothing like that.

Free spirits know very well what they’re fighting for: for what they love, for what makes up their identity, for happiness.

The rest doesn’t matter.

5. Free spirits don’t speak the language of attachment

Attachments, understood from the emotional point of view, are a major enemy to personal growth.

Falling into a relationship marked by emotional addiction kills your sense of identity, integrity, and self-expression.

A person who identifies as a free spirit knows how to love without depending on it. They give the best of themselves while feeling complete.

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6. Free spirits know how to appreciate the little things in life

Being free means not holding on to anything that impedes your growth or you love of life.

You get this passion for freedom by knowing how to prioritize and by understanding that the most important things in live actually aren’t things, but feelings.

These feelings come from the most simple, everyday experiences. It may be a conversation, a walk on the beach, a date, a trip, walking barefoot, hugging your pet, going out for a run without a single worry on your mind…

Busy and worried people aren’t able to appreciate these kinds of everyday details that free spirits see, encourage, and value.

7. Life inspires you and your attitude inspires others

People may have asked you how you do it.

“You’re always happy, you always have time for things. You are doing a million things, and you always make me laugh… how do you do it?”

You probably don’t know how to reply, because your life philosophy is something you’ve come to over time.

Sometimes, free spirits come out after being held captive. Their attitude may be a result of challenges, time and hard-earned maturity.

Being free is an attitude you adopt with determination and perseverance, knowing that you may have to leave some things behind.

Are you a free spirit? 

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