7 Remedies to Naturally Reduce Cellulite: They Work!

· October 27, 2017
Even if you have a genetic predisposition to suffer from cellulite, avoiding being sedentary and taking care of your diet is important for reducing it.

Cellulite is an uncomfortable problem that many women have. And this happens despite how much they try to treat it with remedies, creams, and exercises.

Getting rid of it completely isn’t easy unless you go in a surgery room. We know this. Because of this, there isn’t a greater option than accepting it and assuming that cellulitis has become part of your body. And, as such, you need to learn how to integrate it.

We say this because of a very simple reason: there are many women who see such common acts as going to the beach or the pool as uncomfortable. They don’t dare appear in a bikini or other bathing suit. And, what’s even worse, many of them start to think that they are even overweight.

We need to make this clear: just because you have cellulite does not mean it’s a direct consequence of being a few pounds overweight.

The majority of the time, cellulite is due exclusively to your genetics.

As a result, it’s a good idea to accept your body, flaws and all.

However, we always do everything possible to minimize it. This lets us look better in front of the mirror. And you’ll also know that you’re enjoying good health.

In this article we want to share this today: reduce cellulite naturally with these helpful remedies.

1. Fresh natural foods

Colorful salad

All of us know that it’s necessary to eat well. This means feeding ourselves the best way possible.

However, we have to admit: with our schedules and the small amount of time we have, we often turn to fast food. This is processed food that’s rich in fats. It also satisfies your emotional needs.

  • To minimize cellulite, it’s necessary to reduce consumption of processed food. This includes those that have salt or too much sugar.
  • We need to remember that eating sodium in excess increases your liquid retention and intensifies your cellulite.
  • So, it would be very good for us to always choose products that are fresh and natural: tomatoes, peppers, brussels sprouts, carrots, artichokes…
  • As for cereals, look for ones that are made with the whole grain.

2. Eat seaweed

In specialized stores, we have in our reach different types of seaweed: nori, agar, kombu, hiziki, arame…

Seaweeds have a satisfying effect thanks to their content of iodine. This regulates the functioning of your thyroid gland. And, it also has a high dose of concentrated nutrients.

As a curiosity, you’ll like to know that when seaweed enters your body, they also act as a fantastic cleansing remedy. It’s ideal for getting rid of those toxins that show up with cellulite.

3. Good hydration: water with mint and lemon

Good hydration is key for getting a healthier, cleaner body that’s freer of toxins…

  • It’s recommended that you drink small sips of liquids over the course of the whole day.
  • It’s not necessary that it be plain water. In fact, you can add lemon and mint leaves to a bottle of water. If you do this, you’ll increase its cleansing effect.

At the same time, you can do something to encourage the production of collagen. This repairs the areas affected by orange-like skin. To do this, you need to drink a lot of liquids.

Don’t hesitate: keep your bottle or cup of water near you.

4. Linseed

There’s something important to our goal of encouraging the production of collagen to repair the areas of your skin affected by cellulite. It will be very good for you do eat a daily teaspoon of linseed.

Thanks to these seeds, we get adequate protein and minerals to get stronger, firmer skin.

So, as an easy, economical, and delicious suggestion, it would be very good to breakfast with a natural green apple, honey, and pineapple smoothie. You can add a teaspoon of linseeds to this.

Little by little you’ll see good results.

5. An hour of exercise

Woman walking by lake

Regular, moderate intensity exercise increases your muscle mass. It also reduces the presences of cellulite.

  • As a result, it’s wise to set aside at least certain moments during the day for some exercise.
  • You can walk in the morning, practice Zumba, some kind of dance, or even swim in the evenings.
  • In reality, this has to do with being conscious of being sedentary or even spending a lot of time on your feet. This makes circulation difficult and increases liquid retention in your feet.
  • Remember: movement is life and it will help you to look better in front of the mirror.

6. Say yes to tomato sauce

Does tomato sauce reduce cellulite? As surprising as it seems, it does.

All you have to do is add a little tomato sauce to your dishes. This lets you benefit from its high content of lycopene. This is a kind of very healthy antioxidant.

At the same time, we know that by cooking tomato sauce with a little olive oil, the concentration of lycopene raises. This helps you to also synthesize a little more collagen.

7. Dry brushing to reduce cellulite

Dry brushing leg

The majority of people have gotten used to exfoliating their skin after a shower.

We want to try something new now. This is something that you can incorporate into your daily routine two or three times per day: a “brush” – smooth – for these rebel areas of our legs where cellulite concentrates.

Doing this makes circulation better, eliminates dead skin, and oxygenates these areas where liquids and inflammation accumulates.

Don’t wait to put these very easy pieces of advice into practice. You’ll start seeing good results after a few months.

The results will be worth it.