7 Relationship Errors You Need to Fix Immediately

However solid a relationship may be, there are some behaviors and relationship errors that can wear a couple out and diminish the spark that brought you two together.
7 Relationship Errors You Need to Fix Immediately

Last update: 08 February, 2019

Some statistics say that one in two marriages end in divorce. What they don’t mention are the factors that cause divorce. That being said, there are some common relationship errors we can easily avoid. These mistakes can severely affect the stability of your relationship with your partner.

Relationships based on love aren’t always easy. If we decide to be in a relationship, we need to make sacrifices and put in a lot of effort.

Encouraging ourselves to work on certain things can keep a relationship from deteriorating. We may even be able to avoid ending the relationship. Here are some common relationship errors that tend to cause couples to separate.

7 Common but Devastating Relationship Errors

1. Taking your partner for granted

There is one problem that can happen to any relationship. Over time, we forget to show our partner how important they are to us.

We forget kind gestures and small details. However, these are all vital at the beginning of a relationship. Remember, relationships need to be cared for and cultivated. Additionally, your partner deserves to know how important they are to you. We all need to take time to show them what we think of them.

An easy way to start thinking about these details would be to ask yourself what would your life be like without them?”

Don’t allow the routine of living together to destroy your relationship because you aren’t paying attention.

2. Lying

Woman and man standing back to back both typing on cell phones relationship errors

Romantic relationships are based on trust. Some people say that little white lies are ok. For the sake of a strong relationship of trust, you shouldn’t tell lies.

Live with the idea that the truth will come to light eventually. Little lies matter, too. This is one of the worst relationship errors because it’s a mistake that causes a lot of distrust.

Moreover, your partner will likely think that if you lie about something little, you’ll also lie about something big.

Hiding things from your partner sends the same message. It’s normal to want to avoid talking to your partner after an argument. In fact, taking a small amount of time can be something positive if done wisely. You can avoid saying something that will anger your partner and make you sorry you said it.

However, if you take too much time, you can hurt your partner. This happens because you ignore your partner, making them feel like they don’t mean much to you.

3. Not giving them respect

You can tell your partner things that bother or upset you. However, you should try to do this without making it sound like it’s their fault. Avoid using cutting words and playing the blame game. Also, try to talk when both of you are calm. These factors are important to avoid relationship errors and misunderstandings.

Remember, you can ask for forgiveness, but you can’t take your words back. The growing lack of respect can cause your relationship to deteriorate.

Making important decisions without thinking of our partner is another way to disrespect them. This is very common. However, if we pay attention, we can avoid it.

It’s important to remember their opinion has value. On a similar note, your partner will be happy that they are participating in things with you.

4. Making assumptions

Woman in bed crying man in background relationship errors making assumptions

To avoid relationship errors, it is important to focus on having good communication. You need to express what you want, feel, and think with clarity.

This is important. Your partner should pay attention to and understand you. But, you also have to make an effort to understand them. Don’t make assumptions about things before you ask them.

If you don’t trust your partner when they tell you something, who will you trust?

5. Taking them away from what they like

How would you feel if your partner took you away from the things you like? A relationship is formed by two people. Both made the decision to share their lives and live together despite their differences.

It’s important that, even in a relationship, both people keep their individuality. Both should be able to do their own activities.

Asking or insinuating that they stop doing something they love is toxic. It’s like prohibiting them from expressing part of their personality.

What you need is a good balance in your relationship. If you lose this, you’ll both end up suffocating in the relationship.

6. Only being concerned about your pleasure

Couple in sensual moment selfish during sex relationship errors

It isn’t new to say that sex is part of human nature. In a relationship, sexual compromise is very important. You could even use it as a quick way to evaluate your relationship in general.

If we are selfish during sex, if we only worry about our satisfaction, we’re making a big mistake. You’re making your partner feel like they’re only a sexual object, whose purpose is to please you.

7. Constantly questioning the relationship

If you question your relationship all the time, that tells you a lot. It means that you doubt the commitment or relationship between the two of you. It’s also like saying to your partner that your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

This can be brought on by many things. Some common factors are fear, low self-esteem, a lack of trust, and many other things. To solve the problem, you need to find out what is making you question your relationship.

Constantly questioning your relationship can make your partner insecure. This usually makes your relationship progress much slower than normal.

It’s very important to be aware in the moment that we think we’ve made one of these mistakes. When you are more aware of how you act, there is a better chance that you will have a good relationship with your partner.

The important thing is to not lose hope if you have been making relationship errors. We should put all of our efforts towards restoring the harmony of our relationship.

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