7 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Tired

12 November, 2020


Did you know a sedentary lifestyle and waking up late maybe the reason why you feel so tired? Just by sleeping the necessary amount of hours and getting enough exercise can help increase your energy.

7 Reasons Why You Are Feeling Tired

Feeling tired every once in a while is normal. In fact, it is quite common in people. The problem is not feeling tired occasionally but rather constantly. Therefore, this means something is definitely wrong.  You must figure out why you’re feeling tired and find a solution to have a better quality of life.

7 reasons why you are feeling tired

1. Getting up very late

Get up ready for the day

Most of the time you may think waking up late means you’re more rested, but in reality that’s false.  So, in actuality, getting up early makes people feel more rested, calm and relaxed during the day.

In 2009, a study conducted at the University of Leipzig (Germany), found that the most energetic or proactive people are precisely those who wake up early.

Likewise, a study conducted by the Research Institute in Molecular Biology and Biophysics at the Russian Academy of Science — published as Personality and Individual Differences — revealed there are three types of people according to the dynamics of their biological clock.

The study emphasizes you must find out what are your high energy hours and “instruct” your habits to take advantage of the time you are most active. This is called identifying your “chronotype”.

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2. Poor nutrition

Excess carbohydrates and protein deficiency can possibly cause severe fatigue. Although carbohydrates are delicious foods that provide energy quickly, the body breaks them down as sugar, thus increasing your blood sugar levels.

Afterwards, the pancreas must produce a high level of insulin to decrease blood sugar levels. So, when your blood sugar levels are going through these ups and downs, your body must reach homeostasis and resort to using a lot of energy. If you are a chronic sweets and carbohydrate eater, you will feel tired on a regular basis.

3. Pace of a sedentary lifestyle

Woman tired in her office

Doing nothing causes a lot of fatigue. That’s right, having an extreme sedentary lifestyle is not a pleasurable feeling, but rather constantly tiresome. Therefore, if you have a stationary job or drive a car to the store next door, you will be tired.

On the contrary, low-impact physical and aerobic exercises, — including outdoor activities — improve the production of happiness hormones which in turn improve your quality of sleep and  overall health. You’ll most likely feel tired in the beginning but exercise does considerably reduce fatigue and provides a lot of resistance.

4. Lack of sunlight exposure

The body needs sunlight, for this reason sunbathing early in the morning and late afternoon helps your body produce a proper level of vitamin D. At the same time, sunlight helps the body stay healthy. Just by being exposed to sunlight, it will be easier for you to get a better quality of sleep.

5. Not sleeping well

Sleep at a set hour

One of the main causes of fatigue is not having enough hours of restful sleep. It’s best if an adult gets up to 7 or 8 hour of uninterrupted sleep during the night. This allows the brain and other organs to complete their repairing stages and functions.

6.  Minerals and Vitamin Deficiencies

Micro-nutrients, minerals and vitamins are important substances in order for your body to function well. The deficiencies of these nutrients result to tiredness, fatigue, dizziness and even other more severe medical conditions.

Having a balanced diet, by eating at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily provides many needed nutrients. Likewise, it is very useful to eat nuts, including those prepared from minerals such as magnesium chloride.

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7. Stressful situations

Woman Stressed Out

You may feel discouraged when having to deal with difficult uncontrollable situations that have no solution. If you are in a recurring problem, a situation that wears you down or you are caring for a sick family member, you may may feel like throwing in the towel.

In these types of situations you should get some rest and stop thinking about what is beyond your control. This will help you reduce emotional tension. Also, very stressful work situations can contribute to chronic fatigue. Therefore, try doing something nice for yourself and get some rest every once in a while.

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