7 Reasons Why You May Not Be Losing Weight

· August 8, 2015
Although it is difficult for us to accept it, we all know that to achieve our ideal weight we must combine a healthy diet with a healthy lifestyle and a good exercise routine.

It is true that one of the things that most concerns people today is their weight; it is an issue that is present in the minds of most people both for health reasons and because of the stereotypes implanted by society in general. For this reason there is a plethora of extreme diets, physical exercises and machines that promise great weight loss results.

However, it often happens that after following these diets or recommended exercises, the desired results are not achieved and the weight is not lost. The reasons why you might not be losing weight are quite diverse, and we’ll discuss them here.

Achieving an ideal weight is the result of a balance between a healthy diet, a persistent exercise routine and a healthy lifestyle. The following is a compilation of a number of factors that can contribute to your body being unable to obtain the positive results you desire for your figure and your health from diet and exercise.

Are you unable to weight? Discover some of the reasons why!

  • 1. The first factor that can be interfering with your desired weight loss results is not sleeping well and not sleeping a sufficient amount of time. By not having adequate control of sleep patterns, hunger hormones are altered, increasing the production of the hormone that whets the appetite, demanding that the brain constantly consume food and lots of it. It is recommended to obtain at least 8 hours of sleep each night in order for the body to regulate its metabolism and carry out the other necessary tasks performed during sleep, thus guaranteeing a good quality of life.

  • 2. The excessive consumption of sugar increases the calories in the body and decreases the metabolic process, which causes an accumulation of fats and sugars that can increase weight and body mass. You need to be aware of the foods you consume and know their nutritional value and the ingredients they contain, in order to avoid hidden sugars that can increase your weight without realizing it.
  • 3. It is well known that calories have a great influence on obesity and weight gain for people. But it is necessary to remember the need to balance calorie and nutrient intake. You must avoid the obsession with calories which could cause you to remove from your diet foods that provide ideal nutrients necessary for good health and which improve the body’s metabolism.

  • 4. A sedentary lifestyle and physical inactivity can generate an accelerated weight gain, causing a person to become overweight or even obese. So it is recommended to perform some type of physical activity or exercise for at least 30 minutes each day.
  • 5. A poor diet can be reflected in the inability to lose weight; physical inactivity and junk food are the worst enemies of those who wish to have a slimmer figure, although many people, due to lack of time, prefer to eat frozen foods or junk food which add no essential nutrients to the body. On the contrary, they are full of fat and calories that increase weight and may harm the health of the body if eaten too often. Remember that a good diet ensures good health, well-being and a desired weight, the latter achieved with a good exercise routine.

  • 6. Another factor that can contribute to a delay in weight loss can be caused by hormonal changes. In this case you should consult your doctor to find out if this hormonal change can increase weight in people and to rule out any trauma or other serious cause that can affect the health of the body. You should also consult a nutritionist who can let you know what foods to eat to help you endure these hormonal changes.
  • 7. Another factor may be that you are not getting the level of essential fatty acids in your diet; for many years it was thought that to be thin or to lose weight you needed to eliminate all fats from the foods we eat. Yet we must clarify that there is a type of fat necessary for the proper functioning of the metabolism, which in turn helps to remove the negative body fat and create a state of satisfaction. This helps us avoid having an increased appetite and reduce our food intake. These essential fats are: the fatty acids present in flaxseed oil, fish oil, nuts and seeds.

So taking into account these key factors that can be interfering with your goal of losing weight, you can compare which ones you may be experiencing or that may be affecting you negatively.  This can help you change your habits and make a detailed nutritional guide that will provide your body with the nutrition it needs to guarantee good health, wellness and your desired weight.