7 Reasons You Should Choose the Menstrual Cup

· June 29, 2016
Just like tampons and pads, you need to empty the menstrual cup every six to eight hours, but the difference is that there are no odors associated with the cup

The menstrual cup is an alternative to pads and tampons for women to use during their periods.

Expert gynecologists agree that it’s a healthy option for women because it gives your body a break from the chemical components that are usually found in other feminine hygiene products.

Menstrual cups on the market today are made with body-sensitive materials, like medical grade silicone, because latex could trigger unwanted allergic reactions, for example.

A lot of companies have begun to manufacture them, so there are a lot of options of different shapes, colors, and prices.

While in recent years we’ve seen more of these come on the market than ever before, there are still a lot of women who hesitate to try them because they’re afraid it will be uncomfortable or insecure.

It’s worth learning more about these devices, which are a great choice from an economic standpoint as well as for your health.

For those of you who might be interested in buying one, today we want to give you seven reasons why the menstrual cup is a better option than pads and tampons.

1. It’s incredibly secure

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The cup works just like a tampon, except that instead of absorbing the flow it collects it. You pour out the contents in the toilet and then rinse the cup before reinserting it.

At first it might seem difficult to insert and remove it, but after two or three tries it will be a snap.

Menstrual cups are very secure because they won’t allow any liquid to escape, even if you’re in the middle of some yoga or Pilates moves.

They’re also a better option for your intimate health because they reduce your risk of vaginal infections and even certain types of cancer.

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2. It’s more comfortable

Contrary to what you might assume, the menstrual cup is not uncomfortable. In fact, unlike pads, it’s virtually unnoticeable and makes it easier to move around.

You can use it while you sleep or go swimming without any problems.

3. It’s environmentally friendly

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The use of pads and tampons has a serious environmental impact because they add tons of garbage to landfills every year.

As we mentioned above, the menstrual cup is made of medical grade silicone to prevent allergies or any other reactions it comes in contact with in this sensitive region of your body.

Best of all is that it doesn’t contain any fragrances or chemicals, and it’s 100% reusable for up to 10 years.

This means that they’re an environmentally friendly and healthy choice that won’t contribute to the pollution of our planet.

4. It will save you money

When you have to buy a new box of tampons or pads every month, it adds up year after year.

While a menstrual cup is a more expensive the first month, by your second month of use you’ll already be saving money.

Your menstrual cup can stay in perfect condition for years as long as you care for it well.

We should note, however, that there are some brands that recommend that you buy a new one every year or so.

5. It’s easy to clean

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Depending on how heavy your flow is and the size of the cup, you should only need to empty it two to three times a day, or every six to eight hours.

Whenever you empty it, you should wash it with warm water and mild soap. It’s a simple and quick process that doesn’t require the use of a special disinfectant.

Before and after your period all you need to do is immerse it in boiling water for eight minutes to ensure that it’s thoroughly sterilized.

6. It doesn’t produce odors

Some women feel uncomfortable or embarrassed during their periods, especially when wearing pads, because they can generate a strong odor.

With the menstrual cup you’ll never have to worry about that again because the flow is not absorbed, avoiding the creation of an environment for bacterial growth.

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7. It doesn’t alter your vaginal flora

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Most vaginal yeast infections are related to changes in the bacterial flora.

Because the menstrual cup doesn’t affect this, your vagina is 100% protected so you’re at a lower risk of developing any complications.

If you already have a vaginal infection, however, it’s best to talk with your gynecologist before using a menstrual cup.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to switching to this silicone alternative from the classic feminine hygiene products.

Go ahead and pick one up at your nearest pharmacy and give it a try for at least one month to erase all your doubts.