Seven Reasons to Add Beet Juice to Your Diet

Beet juice is attributed with diuretic and anti-inflammatory properties, which is why it's considered a good ally for weight loss.
Seven Reasons to Add Beet Juice to Your Diet

Last update: 14 May, 2021

Beet juice is a drink that can be used to supplement your diet in a healthy way and thus, stop the consumption of industrial beverages.

While most people consume this vegetable either cooked or raw in salads. However, drinking beet juice is a more effective way to get all the nutritional benefits.

Beet juice has become popular in recent years thanks to its cleansing effects, because it optimizes liver function and promotes the removal of toxins.

Aside from this, however, it provides energy and antioxidants that improve many different aspects of your health.

Reasons to add beet juice to your diet

According to the experts at Asociación 5 al día: “beet is a food with an large contribution of carbohydrates and fiber, mainly of the insoluble type, which gives it a slightly laxative effect, preventing constipation and relieving its symptoms”.

And according to experts from the Spanish Nutrition Foundation (FEN) it’s a source of protein, fiber, potassium and folates. Therefore, incorporating beet juice into your diet would be great for maintaining a healthy weight, and prevention of constipation, among other issues.

A woman holding a bundle of beets.

1. Beet juice regulates blood pressure

Thanks to the natural nitrite concentration found in beets that is converted to nitric oxide in the body, beet juice helps regulate your blood pressure. Furthermore, nitric oxide dilates blood vessels and improves circulation.

2. It improves your digestion

Beet juice has the concentrated fiber from the vegetable so it’s not surprising that it improves your digestion. In addition, regular consumption will prevent constipation and speed up the process of nutrient absorption.

3. It prevents aging

Thanks to the significant amounts of healthy betalains and polyphenols. Therefore, this healthy drink helps reduce the impact of oxidative stress.

4. Beet juice protects your thyroid gland

Although it has been claimed that patients with thyroid problems can improve their health by including beet juice in their diet, there’s no scientific evidence to prove that this can be so.

The reason for this belief is the iodine content of beets.

A woman that needs some beet juice.

5. It fights inflammation

The betaine content of this vegetable and other nutrients, regular intake of the juice helps reduce swelling in the body.

6. It helps promote weight loss

Thanks to the high content of essential nutrients, beet juice stands out in the list of beverages that will help you lose weight.

It hasn’t been proven that the intake of this juice can help you lose weight, however, it’s considered its inclusion in a healthy lifestyle can be beneficial.

7. It alleviates fluid retention

Fluid retention can cause many other health problems. It’s best to take care of it through diuretic beverages, such as beet juice. Furthermore, it’ll facilitate the removal of excess fluids, improve your kidney function, and regulate your body’s mineral salt levels.

How to make beet juice at home

It’s very easy to make beet juice. In fact, you can combine it with juices from other fruits and vegetables, such as carrots or even apples. Today, we’ll share the classic recipe with you so you’ll be sure to enjoy all its properties.

A glass of beet juice on a wooden board.


  • 1 large beet
  • 1 c. of water


  • Firstly, wash the beet and slice it into large pieces
  • Then, add it to the blender along with the cup of water
  • Blend for a few minutes until you have a homogeneous beverage without lumps
  • Finally, serve immediately

Watch out for these Five Signs of Fluid Retention

This is a low-calorie beverage that helps “recharge” your body’s energy for optimal performance. In addition, it contains antioxidants and essential nutrients that protect the body against various diseases.

So you know, include a glass in your diet when you want to vary it and also get extra nutrients and energy. To do so, you can try a wide variety of recipes.

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