7 Potentially Cancer Causing Foods

· August 18, 2015
Nutrition is the origin of 35% of tumors.  Refined flours can increase your risk of developing breast cancer by 220%

Even if the link isn’t completely clear as to which foods are related to the origin, promotion and development of cancer, the fact is studies have shown some foods may be related to this disease.  Even though each person’s body is different, experts agree that frequent consumption of these foods increases your risk of developing cancer. In this article, we’ll list 7 potentially cancer causing foods.

Given that 35% of tumors have their origin in nutrition, let’s look over some of the foods that research has linked to this disease.

Processed Meats


Most processed meats like sausage, ham and bacon contain chemical preservatives, artificial dyes, and high fat and salt contents so that they appear fresh and appetizing.  These chemicals, like sodium nitrate and sodium nitrite, among others, significantly increase your risk of developing colon cancer.

Refined White Flour

According to a study published by Cancer Epidemiology: Mile Markers and Prevention, frequently consuming refined carbohydrates can increase your risk of developing cancer by 220%.  This is because high glycemic foods cause blood sugar levels to rise rapidly which directly feeds the growth and spread of cancer cells in the body.

Refined Sugars

refined sugar

As with refined flours, refined sugars can promote the growth and spread of cancer cells in our bodies.  Sweeteners that are rich in fructose, which cancer cells quickly and easily metabolize, are the worst offenders.  Popular foods like cookies, cakes, pies, soda, juice and sauces all contain high levels of refined sugars and are related to the development of cancer.

Genetically Modified Foods

Consuming transgenic or genetically modified foods poses a greater risk of developing different types of cancer, but this claim has not yet been fully evaluated.  You’ll find many of these foods in your shopping cart like corn and corn products, tomatoes, beans and canola.

Fried Foods and Junk Food

junk food

Fried food, like junk food, is not recommended for any diet.  As well as possibly being linked with cancer, these types of foods also cause other health problems like heart disease and obesity.  French fries, potato chips, and snacks that are commonly found in supermarkets and restaurants can contain high levels of acrylamide, a carcinogenic substance that can be found in all foods that are heated to a temperature higher than 120°C, but French fries and other junk foods have higher levels of this substance.

In addition, these foods contain high levels of trans fats, sodium and sugars that are also related to the development of cancer.

Diet Foods and Drinks

Diet foods and drinks often seem like a great option for a healthy diet to help lower and control weight, but that’s not entirely true.  It’s true that these foods contain less fats, sugars, calories and carbohydrates and other substances that cause weight gain; however, labels are often misleading and can confuse customers into thinking that they are the healthiest way to keep your weight down.  In addition to misleading consumers, it’s been found that these types of so-called healthy products contain aspartame, one of the most common artificial sweeteners responsible for causing everything from birth defects to cancer.

Canned Tomatoes

The majority of canned foods contain BPA which acts like estrogen in the body and interrupts normal hormone activity.  Research has linked this substance with cardiac disease, intestinal damage, infertility and other problems, especially of the reproductive system.  It’s also been found that frequently consuming canned foods increases your risk of cancer, but canned tomatoes pose the greatest risk because their high acidity helps release more BPA.