7 Life Changes that can Help You Keep Looking and Feeling Young

Believe it or not, sleeping well and having good friends you can count on are two basic pillars to keeping young as the years pass by
7 Life Changes that can Help You Keep Looking and Feeling Young

Last update: 31 January, 2019

Staying young is more than just an art. It’s also the will to take better care of yourself both inside and out.

Beyond all the creams and cosmetic surgery treatments, there’s a series of simple and cheap things you can do to look better and feel great.

On the other hand, it’s always important to accept your age. This is essential for enjoying a good quality of life.

However, this isn’t at odds with doing all you can to face the passage of time in the best way possible.

That’s because you can acquire some very easy habits, like the simple act of drinking more water. This hydrates the skin, fights dryness, and renews your cells.

We know these simple suggestions will help you a lot. Just take a look.

1. Hairdryers and straighteners: believe it or not, they rob your hair of its youth

A woman curling her hair with a curling iron.

Using high-temperature hairdryers and straighteners damages your hair. They age it, make it weaker, and make its color duller.

How about giving these devices a rest at least 3 times a week? It might seem difficult, especially for women. After all, if there’s one thing that defines our beauty rituals, it’s touching up our curls or achieving perfectly straight hair with straighteners.

However, your hair needs to breathe. Electric devices like hair straighteners, which almost always use high temperatures, rob it of its natural beauty and youth.

2. Use sunscreen on your skin every day

We always remember sunscreen when summer comes around. However, dermatologists tell us that it’s not just necessary to prevent skin cancer.

It also helps to fight premature skin ageing.

It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy, if it’s winter, or if it’s raining. Sunscreen should be a basic in your daily beauty and health rituals.

So don’t hesitate to apply it every day. If you’re a woman, remember that many foundations already include sun protection.

3. Half an hour of exercise a day is key to health, beauty, and feeling young

Exercise is the key to feeling young.

If you want to stay young, care for your body. One way to do this is to exercise. If you want to look better in the mirror, do at least half an hour of exercise a day.

A simple activity is enough. An aerobic routine like walking gets your circulation going, works your heart, and promotes the oxygen, endorphins, and serotonin.

You’ll notice the difference in your mood and even in your skin. Regular, moderate exercise is a sensational way to stay in shape and to fight the signs of passing time.

4. Say “yes” to renewing your cells!

What’s the most efficient way to renew your cells, cleanse yourself, and enable your body to stay hydrated? You guessed it: drinking water.

Don’t set a daily standard of 2 liters of water, because each person’s needs are different.

The best thing is to be consistent and drink a big sip of water every half an hour. Something as simple as this has a huge effect on the body. After all, there’s nothing like being well hydrated to help your body maintain homeostasis.

5. Hands and neck: forgotten areas

The hands can look young or old.

To stay young, it’s not enough to just care for your face, avoid gaining weight, and try to combat flabbiness and wrinkles…

There are two areas of your body where the passage of time is often first noticed: the hands and neck.

What do you do to care for them? What routines do you follow throughout the day?

It will do you good to keep the skin of your neck and hands perfectly hydrated.

To this end, use creams for these areas twice a day, once in the morning and again at night.

6. Positive relationships? Yes, please!

Having hundreds of friends will not make you stay young. That said, having good friends, even if they are just a few, does impact your well-being, your motivation and your enthusiasm.

Having a partner by your side who can make you laugh, and accompany you throughout life can make you feel good and forever young.

Likewise, few things are better for the health of the mind and heart than having a good friend.

See this article: 7 Habits of Good Friends

7. Sleep well and sleep a lot

A woman getting a good nights sleep.

No, it’s not silly. Sleep is an essential need of your body, brain, and mind.

It’s during the night when we are in this state of deep rest that your body does its important detoxifying tasks.

Also, the brain cleanses dead cells, renews tissues, creates memories, reorganizes itself during sleep.

All this helps you stay in shape, both physically and mentally. So don’t let anyone or anything take those 8 hours of nocturnal rest away from you.

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