7 Homemade Remedies to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

March 20, 2020
These remedies a really effective for getting rid of kidney stones, but it's always advisable to go to a specialist to assess your individual case.

Kidney stones can be a serious health problem. The pain caused by renal colic which is often compared to the intensity of child birth.

For this reason, you’ll want to prevent it beforehand with some natural remedies.

In this article you’ll discover the best homemade remedies for getting rid of kidney stones naturally. You’ll get results in no time due to the medicinal properties of certain foods, plants, and simple therapies.

What are kidney stones made of?

These small kidney stones hurt like heck

Kidney stones, or renal calculi come in different varieties. If you’ve already suffered colic, it’s important to know what the composition is because every treatment is different. 

  • Oxalic acid: You should have a low calcium and oxalic acid diet.
  • Phosphoric acid: Just like oxalic acid, avoid calcium and oxalic acid.
  • Uric acid: Avoid consuming foods rich in purine.

You should consider this information if you know what type of kidney stones or genetic predisposition you have.

If you don’t know, avoid all of the following foods and try the natural remedies.

Forbidden Foods

It’s important to highlight the most harmful foods if you tend to suffer from kidney stones:

  • Milk and dairy derivatives
  • Sugar
  • Sucrose
  • Offal and red meal
  • Shellfish
  • Refined flour

To get rid of kidney stones you should eliminate or reduce these foods from your diet. There are other alternatives like vegetable juices, fish, natural sweeteners, or whole-wheat flour.

Natural Remedies

1. Alkaline Juices

Delicious Alkaline Juices

Kidney stones appear when there is excess acid in the body. Therefore, you should consume some alkaline foods to balance the pH levels, and prevent or get rid of kidney stones.

This can be achieved quickly and effectively with the help of green juices. You can make these natural homemade juices with the following ingredients. Change and mix them as you wish since they’re all good for you:

  • Green leaves (celery, arugula, radish leaves, beetroot leaves, watercress, etc.)
  • Apples
  • Cucumbers
  • Ginger
  • Lemon

2. Magnesium Salts

Magnesium salts are excellent for preventing and treating kidney stones since they prevent crystallization and reduce acid.

It’s also a necessary mineral for many vital functions. Therefore, you can have it as a regular supplement. We especially recommend magnesium carbonate or magnesium citrate.

3. Vitamin C

Eat foods rich in vitamin c

Vitamin C is another remedy that shouldn’t be left out of a balanced diet.

This vitamin also stops stones from solidifying and facilitates their gradual elimination. You can get it through food or in pill form.

Here are the most vitamin C-rich foods:

  • Acerola cherry
  • Rose Hip
  • Guava
  • Red Berries
  • Parsley
  • Kiwi

4 .Hazelnut

This delicious nut is surprising because of one very special property: the power to prevent uric acid stones. As a result, it’s a really suitable preventative remedy for those who suffer from these type of stones.

If you want to eat this nut every day without getting bored, you could make your very own hazelnut and cocoa spread. In contrast with the ones you can buy, you can make this one without dairy or sugar as a very healthy alternative.

5. Water

Be healthy and drink plenty of water

Water is the simplest and most effective remedy for getting rid of kidney stones.

However, it must be drunk between meals. Especially the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. The ideal amount is 2 litres per day.

6. Horsetail

Horsetail is a medicinal plant with a strong diuretic power which boosts renal function and provides minerals. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

To take advantage of its benefits, you can take it every now and then in order to treat any kidney condition.

7. Localized Heat

Localized heat is a good remedy

You can apply some localized heat toprevent kidney stones and to soothe any inconvenience.

Use a hot water bottle, an electric heating mat, or any other alternative with the same effect.

You’ll be surprised on just how relaxing this simply remedy can be, and better yet you can use it every night before going to bed.

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