7 Habits of Good Friends

· March 2, 2017
We all have many types of friends. Some we know for our whole lives, and others only walk with us for a little while. There are those who come and go, but are always there in one form or another. However, they all have a few things in common that make them so great.

We all have many types of friends. Some we know for our whole lives. Others only walk with us for a little while. There are those who come and go, but are always there in one form or another.

But what are the things that make a good friend?

Usually, we think of a good friend as someone who is always there for us. But lot of the time, this isn’t really realistic.

We aren’t talking about a friend who isn’t with you at a certain time because she doesn’t want to be. It could be that she’s also living her life and accomplishing her goals.

If you’re someone who has difficulty determining the difference between a friend and a good friend, here are some things you should know:

1.  A good friend knows that you need time and space to grow

Good friends are not just happy for your accomplishments. They also motivate you to achieve your dreams.

They know that it’s possible that this may separate you. However, they are always there for you because they want to see you grow. This means growing personally, professionally, and as a human being.

There are some ways you can know if someone is a god friend. One is if they motivate you to exceed your limitations in a good way.

If you say that you’re afraid of what’s coming, they’ll probably accompany you in the process. But, they are going to push you to get over your fears and leave your comfort zone.

Surely, they also hope that you recognize that they also need to pursue their dreams.

2. Your relationship is natural


Another characteristic of a good friend is that you don’t have to force things. On the contrary. Everything flows as smoothly as possible.

Most likely, when you’re with them, there won’t be any awkward silences. You probably also won’t feel the need to plan everything. It’s like a romantic relationship. Plans and other things simply happen without forcing them.

With this kind of friend, you know that you can be yourself without problems or limitations. They don’t expect you to be perfect, and you also know that they’re only human. Above all, you accept each other and grow together.

3. Your friendship stands the test of time

A good friend doesn’t need to be with you your whole life. On the contrary, each one goes their separate ways. When you have time, you see each other, talk, and motivate each other.

These are the kinds of friends who can pass several years with out seeing each other. But, one day, you get together and it seems like no time has passed at all.

With them, friendship isn’t conditional. It’s not based on your social status, your job title, or other factors. It doesn’t matter who you are, who you’ve become, or the problems you’ve had. A good friend will always feel the same.

4. They will tell you what they think


Just because someone thinks what you are doing is bad doesn’t always mean they’ll tell you. However, a good friend won’t have a problem telling you that you’re wrong. They will also tell you when they think you’re making a mistake.

This happens because they value you as a person. And, they are there to see you grow. They won’t try to make you change your attitudes or decisions. They know that they are only yours to change.

If time shows they were right and you were wrong, they’ll still be there to support you and help you get through.

5. They always think of you and keep in touch

Before we said that a good friend can follow their path in life and keep the relationship going. This is because they are thinking of you in some way or another. Today, technology makes it so that good friends are closer despite the physical distance between them.

This is the kind of friend who sends you an email when you least expect it. Or, they chat with you on a social network. Doing this they will keep you updated on their plans and dreams.

They don’t expect you to keep in touch all the time. But, know that they also need to talk with you. Sometimes, they share good moments. Other times, you can help them through hard times by talking with them.

6. They share


They can be half way around the world, but good friends always share life’s ups and downs. Did you graduate from university? Did you have your first child? They want to be a part of this.

They might not be able to take a flight and be there in person, but, they probably would like a photo or video of the moment.

However, this doesn’t just apply to the good things in life. When you lose someone by divorce or sickness, they will be there.

They will be with you as much as they can in these circumstances. You know that there is always someone somewhere thinking about you.

7. They accept you as you are

Everyone has problems. A good friend is able to see yours and accept you regardless. They won’t try to change you just to make you fit into a certain environment or time. On the contrary, they will help you be yourself.

The only goal that they have is to help you change for the better. And, that means that they will let you decide when and how to do it.

And what about you? Are you a good friend? Are you lucky enough to count on one? Have you told them how much you value them?

Reconnect with a good friend today!