Type II Diabetes: 7 Foods to Protect Against It

21 March, 2019
During the past few years, Type II diabetes has become more frequent, and the age at which it appears has lowered from seventy to forty years, on average.

Type II diabetes is becoming increasingly more common in recent years. But that is not the most worrying statistic. In the past ten years, the average age at which this illness appears lowered from seventy to forty years old.  For this reason it proves very important to learn to recognize foods that could help prevent this condition.

First and foremost, one must keep in mind that the foods we are going to list below cannot prevent diabetes alone. Rather, we should include them alongside  other healthy foods as a part of our daily diet. But we should not only maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise. We should also strive towards a healthier body weight.


Curry is still not clearly shown to help prevent type II diabetes. However, scientists conducted several studies that produced noteworthy results about this condition. One study provided information from a group of 240 patients.  These patients were all at high risks of developing diabetes. Although they didn’t show very high blood sugar levels, they were slightly raised.

They divided these patients into two groups.  They then gave one of the groups turmeric extract. This spice contains the compound known as curcumin, which has the ability to prevent diabetes.  The other group of patients only received a placebo.

At the end of the study, researchers proved that patients treated with turmeric did not develop the disease. The other patients, for the most part, ended up suffering from diabetes.


Cinnamon may help prevent diabetes
Cinnamon is a great food to help improve blood glucose levels.  Experts recommend adding it to certain dishes, drinks and refreshments, which also gives them a more pleasant taste. Baked apples with cinnamon make for an excellent dessert.  Cinnamon sprinkled on hot chocolate or coffee can make a tasty and healthy drink.  Try it.

Coffee may help prevent type II diabetes

Coffee is not just a great-tasting beverage. It also helps us relax while staying awake and alert.  This could be a very useful drink for helping prevent type II diabetes. Recent studies were published by the University of California, Los Angeles. These studies discovered that (controlled) coffee consumption increases SHBG protein levels in the blood. This could help prevent the risk of diabetes.

Blueberries and apples


Just a few servings of this fruit throughout the week could help deter the risk of diabetes. This fruit contains large amounts of anthocyanins, substances that could prevent diabetes.

Dark chocolate

Recent studies show that individuals who consume dark chocolate regularly show a much lower risk of suffering from type II diabetes.  They can also prevent the vast majority of cardiovascular diseases.



Nuts may also help protect the body from diabetes and cardiovascular diseases.  Dried fruits can also be a great help. However, in order to get these benefits you must eat at least one handful of nuts a day.

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