7 Foods that Fight Belly Fat Effectively

No matter what age you are, you probably want your stomach to be flatter, especially if you are thinking about that amazing beach trip next summer.
7 Foods that Fight Belly Fat Effectively

Last update: 16 January, 2019

Modern diets contain more fat than what you think, but they’re bad quality, which doesn’t let you feel well. They also don’t have many results. You may have tried using some weight loss products that didn’t do anything. So, if you really want to fight belly fat, take a look at the following foods.

What does fat do?

It’s true that fat is seen as “the bad guy”. This is because if you eat the bad kind of fat, you can suffer from cholesterol or obesity, as well as cardiovascular problems.

However, you should know that fat is what allows the body to store energy, which is why you shouldn’t completely remove it from your diet. If you don’t, your body won’t have to convert glucose to fat. This protects your body’s organs from traumas and maintains your body’s temperature.

They also say that fat is a shield for arteries when you don’t get enough vitamin C because you aren’t producing enough collagen.

Belly dancer

You may have a weight or cholesterol problem, hypertension, or a disease like diabetes. It’s important that you consume “good” fat to be in a good mood, have high self-esteem and leave depression behind. Fight bad belly fat and increase the beneficial kind. You should also have a balanced diet and exercise daily.

7 foods to fight belly fat

Olive Oil

Olive oil is the best kind of oil that exists, especially extra virgin and cold pressed olive oil, which are of higher quality. It has non-saturated fat, which is good for the body. It’s also a large source of nutrients when you have a diet that restricts fats.

Olive oil absorbs nutrients, synthesizes hormones, and reduces cholesterol. Remember to not use it for cooking because it can change its composition.


These nuts have a lot of proteins, fiber, and calcium. They0re also a source of basic energy for your body. Almonds are recommended for people who have vegetarian or vegan diets and for those that play a lot of sports. 

They help to activate your metabolism and control your blood sugar levels. They offer a good dose of Omega 3 and protect you from obesity-related diseases. You can eat them alone, on light desserts, or as a milk (almond milk).



It’s important that this is in your weight loss diet because it will help you feel satisfied. It’s rich in protein and fiber, which is why you should eat at breakfast. 

It helps reduce cholesterol and purifies your blood because it contains substances that encapsulate the toxins and fat to eliminate them from your body. You can use it to coat meat or vegetables as well.


It’s great to add broccoli to a weight loss diet to lose weight because it’s good for your bronchial tubes and contains fiber, vitamin C, and calcium. All of these nutrients make your intestines absorb less amounts of fat and don’t accumulate in your arteries. They also optimize digestive functions.

Broccoli is low in calories and strengthens your immune system. You can eat it alone, in salads, steamed, or in pasta.

Broccoli to fight belly fat


These delicious red berries have a lot of water and fiber, which makes them better than other fruits. In order to digest them, your body has to produce more energy than the amount of calories they have.

Strawberries also activate blood circulation and regulate sodium levels. They contain flavonoids and anthocyanin, which inhibit the assimilation of sugar and fat.


Salmon is one of the most recommended sources to get Omega 3 acids. It has protein and your body uses it to form “good” cholesterol, hormones, and bile.

Salmon offers a lot of vitamin D and keeps the nervous system healthy, activates the metabolism, and helps burn excess belly fat. Its fatty acids don’t allow it to store fat, therefore, it’s a great foot if you really want to fight belly fat.

If you eat salmon from a “farm”, it doesn’t contain lead or dioxins, which are fish metals that are found in the water.

Salmon to fight belly fat

Green Tea

Green tea is known as an excellent drink to fight belly fat. Any type of tea has a positive effect on digestion because it provides water and temperature. If you drink it after lunch or dinner, you will help food pass through the intestine better while fat and carbohydrates are dissolved.

It aids in the absorption of nutrients and increases the body’s temperature, which helps reduce calories. Green tea stimulates the body by helping to reduce blood pressure, regulate glucose levels and fight free radicals. It also helps in the absorption of calcium in the bones. 

It contains an antioxidant called catechin and also polyphenols, which control hormones during stress. Green tea, just like red wine, reduces the conversion of glucose to fat, which the body has to do to store energy. You can also drink it for breakfast or as a snack. More than three cups a day is not recommended.

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