7 Exercises to Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks

· February 22, 2018
With these exercises you will burn fat in target areas and tone your body. If you are consistent, in just two weeks you will see results

If you want to stay in shape and take care of your body as best as you can, you can do so with these simple exercises that you can do from your own home. You only have to follow these super easy steps that will help you get into shape in just four weeks and completely transform your body, stat.


How to do it

Planks are an isometric exercise, that means that it is done from a static position. The key to do them correctly is keeping your body in the optimal position. To do this, you have to keep your back and legs straight, being sure that your lower back is not arched.


What does it do?

When this exercise is done correctly, it helps to work the muscles in your abdomen, back, glutes, legs and arms. All of this will improve your posture as well as the state of your muscles.

Strengthen your hips and muscles

How to do it:

Put yourself on all fours on the ground. Stretch out your left leg and left arm to form a straight line, then bring them both in until your left elbow touches your left knee. Repeat on the other side.

What does it do?

This exercise helps to train your torso and hip muscles. Also, it helps to strengthen your back muscles, glutes and waist.


How to do it:

Squats are a classic when it comes to exercise. To do them correctly, you should spread your legs apart shoulder width. 

While standing, start to slowly lower yourself down as if you were going to sit in an imaginary chair. Be sure that your knees and feet are at the same level and that your back is straight.

It helps to keep your arms out in front to keep your balance and to do the squats as slowly as possible.

What does it do?

Squats will help you strengthen your glutes, hips and calves a noticeable amount.

Push ups

How to do them:

We have all done push ups at some point, so this exercise shouldn’t be too difficult. As you know, to them you have to be in a plank position with your arms straight. Then, you lower yourself to the ground as much as possible.

Keep in mind that the key is to keep your back, hips and legs straight, keeping yourself in a line, then you return to the initial plank position.

What does it do?

Thanks to this exercise, you will work your pectorals, arm muscles and abdomen.

Sit ups

How to do them:

To do sit ups, as you know, you have to lay on your back, stretch your arms over your head, and bend your legs at the knees. 

With your arms straight, you have to lift yourself at your torso and touch your toes. Little by little, return to the original position and then continue the same movement, they are usually done in sets.

What do they do?

Thanks to sit ups, you work your torso muscles in addition to burning accumulated fat.

Abdominals and glutes

How to do it:

To work both you abdominals and your glutes, you have to put your hands and feet on the floor and then keep your back tensed.

Then, you have to lift your leg as high as you can and start lifting and lowering your body without taking your second heel off of the ground. 

What does it do?

Thanks to this type of abdominal exercise, you will be able to work your waist muscles, abdomen and glutes.


How to do it:

Working your waist is one of the keys to have a shapely, beautiful body. For this, you will have to put yourself face down on the floor with your arms bent or placed under your head.

Then, lift your upper body as much as you can, stay in this position for a second and then return to the initial position. Repeat this procedure for a few minutes. 

What does it do?

Thanks to this exercise, you will be able to tone and strengthen the muscles in your spine.

Don’t forget that, in order for this to be useful, you have to repeat these exercises for two weeks, each one for a period of about two minutes.