7 Exercises for a Trimmer Waist in No Time

· April 16, 2018


Why do we get love handles?

The two main factors that condition body fat from building up are dieting and exercising. However, there are other reasons which take part in making those infamous and hated love handles.

These might include organ functions, stress or hormonal problems. The following explains 7 great exercises for trimming down your waist in no time.

7 waist trimming exercises

1. Planks

Planks on top of mat

Planks are becoming more and more popular. Although they focus on the abs, the entire body´s musculature can be felt when doing this exercise.

  • As stated in this post, the plank position starts from the ground, facing down, with the elbows and toes supporting the body´s weight.
  • The entire body should be positioned straight and aligned to do the exercise properly.

This exercise is really a test of resistance. So, you should increase your sets and duration over time. Visit this article: The Plank: a great full body abdominal exercise 

2. Mountain climbers

From the plank position, you can boost your metabolism and increase losing fat around your waist with one simple exercise.

  • Move as if you’re trying to run or climb while staying in the same position.
  • To do so, bring your knees to your elbows in one continuous motion.
  • This exercise is great because it combines toning and cardiovascular exercises.

3. Trunk twists

Seated Trunk Twists

If you want a slim waist, you need to keep the sides of your torso as flexible as possible and put them in constant movement.

  • To do this, you must stretch out your entire torso side as if you were grabbing something up high.
  • You can do this exercise by sitting down in a chair and stretching out your arms towards the floor as if you were grabbing something.
  • Repeat these stretches on both sides throughout the day whenever possible.

4. Horizontal twists

You can do horizontal twists to keep the waist in motion. Twist yourself as if turning backwards without moving your hips.

We can do this exercise with our hands on your waist or by using an elastic band. Also in some gyms, there are specific machines made for this exercise.

5. Knees to elbows

Knees to elbows during aerobics

Standing up with your hands behind your head and having your legs slightly separated, lift one knee up towards the opposite elbow. Repeat the exercise, alternating both sides.

This is pretty  much an identical exercise as the one above but laying down and looking towards the ceiling. By laying down and doing the exercise, you work out your abs even more.

6. Jumping

To burn off the most stubborn fatty areas, you should do some kind of cardiovascular exercise on a weekly basis. Abs exercises aren’t enough to reduce fat. They rather help fight against flabbiness.

  • In order to start burning fat, you can do a simple yet exhausting exercise such as jumping. You can jump rope, jump on a trampoline or just jump.
  • However, you should always jump with good posture, keeping your back straight and your knees bent.
  • Always bounce back gently, as if you were landing on something soft.

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7. Belly dancing

Belly dancing is a good exercise

Lastly, we can´t forget mentioning a dance focused on moving the waist.

Belly dancing is a traditional Middle Eastern dance known for a wide range of flexibility in different areas of the body. The main part is the pelvis, which controls the movements of the waist and hips, etc.

Belly dancing is a popular form of exercise that includes a combination of muscle toning and cardiovascular exercise.

You´ll be able to lose weight, improve flexibility, strengthen our abs and especially trim down our waist just by dancing weekly.