7 Easy Tips to Prevent Hair Loss Without Spending Money

· October 27, 2017
Did you know stress and not getting enough sleep are two factors that influence hair loss? Learn more about how to prevent hair loss in this article.

Hair loss is both a health problem and an aesthetic issue. This worries many people and can affect their self-esteem.

Even though there are many remedies, natural and conventional, that promise miraculous results, most of them don’t give the desired outcome.

In this article, we’ll share 7 easy, honest tips for preventing hair loss without spending money.

It’s worth a try!

Does hair loss have a solution?

Hair loss can be related to many factors. If it’s a hereditary problem, it’s very difficult to avoid it. However, you can partially prevent it and slow it down.

But, you shouldn’t lose hope. This is because there are many other factors. These include your diet, circulation, and stress which can greatly influence it. And, as a result, you can improve the situation so that you don’t lose so much hair.

1. Reduce your salt consumption

Dumping out salt

Even though it might seem surprising, reducing your salt consumption can help you to prevent and reduce hair loss.

In excess, salt hurts your kidneys. As a result, it affects a body function related to the balance of minerals.

  • You should also avoid foods that are too salty. These especially include the ones that have table salt.
  • Eat sea salt or Himalayan salt in small amounts. Increase the flavor of your dishes with seasonings.

2. Scalp massages

scalp massage

Increasing the circulation in your scalp is a great remedy without any cost. It prevents hair loss. It also keeps your hair stronger and healthier.

This massage should be done with medium intensity:

  • With your fingertips, make small circles pressing a little to move your scalp.
  • Start with the areas closest to your forehead and keep moving back towards the nape of your neck.
  • If you want, you can use vegetable based oils (coconut, castor, olive, jojoba) and essential oils (rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, mint)
  • Let it work into your scalp all night long. In the morning, wash your hair like normal.

3. Daily brushing

Dry brush and soap

Grandmothers said that to have strong, beautiful, long hair, you needed to brush it one hundred times per night.

This ancient remedy sounds more like a myth. But it has a solid foundation. It’s based on increasing your circulation and distributing oils throughout your hair.

If you use a wood brush with natural fibers, you’ll notice satisfactory results that will show up in a few weeks.

  • You can do this if you comb your hair normally from front to back. And you can also tilt your head forward to get from your neck to the middle of your head.

4. Dressings with lemon juice


In some cases, hair loss can be related to iron deficiency anemia. This is because it’s one of the most common symptoms when you have an iron deficiency.

Iron-based supplements should always be taken with a prescription. After all, they have secondary health effects that your doctor needs to evaluate.

However, there is another way to facilitate your absorption of iron. This is by combining foods with vitamin C.

  • To do this without any cost, we recommend always dressing your dishes with fresh lemon juice. This juice is rich in that vitamin. This will help you better absorb the iron present in foods.

5. Stand on your head

Standing on your head, with your head lower the rest of your body is an easy technique for preventing baldness. It also improves many other mental functions.

In the end, it’s a remedy for preventing aging.

6. Sleep well

Woman sleeping

If you aren’t resting well at night because of insomnia or sleeping few hours, this could be the cause of your hair loss.

Because of this, it’s important to improve your nighttime sleep.

7. Avoid stress

Stress is the epidemic of this century and it’s the great enemy of your whole body. This is because it imbalances your body and causes symptoms like hair loss among many others.

As a result, stress changes things in your life. Prioritize what is really important and enjoy the small things from day to day.