7 Benefits of Reading a Few Minutes a Day

7 Benefits of Reading a Few Minutes a Day

Last update: 26 October, 2018

Although it’s good for you at any time of the day, reading before going to bed allows you to disconnect from the outside world and relaxes you.

Do you like reading but don’t have enough time to do it? Read this article to find out about some reasons why you should do this activity on a daily basis.

Likewise, while you read this article, you will learn why this activity is good for you. Once you learn about them, you’ll find yourself reading all the time. You won’t want to do anything else!

Plus, you will learn that it’s quite an enjoyable adventure. It’s a very nourishing activity, not only intellectually, but also emotionally, because it helps you feel peaceful, happy, and knowledgeable. Especially when you do it out of your own free will.

In this case, reading transports you to the story or the news that you’re reading. Depending on the details that the author expresses, you’ll be living the moment yourself. Reading lets your imagination run wild and develops images in your mind of scenes exposed in the texts without the need of any illustrations. This is why it’s important to know about how amazing this activity can benefit you on a daily basis.

What is reading?

Book opened

This process is communicative because a sender (author of the text) conveys certain information in writing, whether printed or digital, the receiver (reader) decodes the text, and then finally interprets it.

This process is a cultural right that all human beings can exercise. Through reading, you can acquire new knowledge, which allows you to make decisions on your own and have an advanced imagination and creativity.

Benefits of reading a few minutes a day

  1. Reduces stress

You can reduce your stress levels by reading. When you read and immerse yourself in the story or information, you forget about your worries.

You’re transported to a parallel universe that disconnects you from all your problems.

  • It’s highly recommended to read for an hour before bedtime because it will help you forget about the pressures and situations that stress you out all day.
  • Thus, you’ll fall asleep faster and get a better night’s sleep.

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  1. You acquire new knowledge
    A woman reading a book

Through the information you read, you acquire new knowledge that you can use at any given time to solve any problem that comes your way. You may even apply the knowledge you acquired after reading without even noticing it.

  1. You can enrich your vocabulary

When you’re reading, you may come across new words that you’ve never seen before. Thus, you may begin including them in your active vocabulary and communicating with them. It may even be helpful when doing an essay or having to write professionally.

  1. Improves analytical thinking
    analytical thinking

When you exercise your brain, you help it put pieces together, organize your ideas and, in conclusion, think about a situation before it even takes place. For example, this happens when you imagine the ending of a story you’re writing or reading.

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  1. Exercises your mind

Reading helps exercise your mind, and develop and stimulate your brain. This practice will help prevent you from losing grey matter, which is really important, especially in older people.

  1. It’s a cheap activity
    woman reading at the park

This activity is quite inexpensive, whether you buy a book, a magazine, or a newspaper. In addition, you can even enjoy this activity by surfing the web. This means you can use the Internet and a technological device to download books and magazines.

  1. It makes you feel at peace

In times of silence, it’s an activity that allows you to feel at peace. No one bothers you and you connect with the story or the text you’re reading. Start reading every day. Do it for at least an hour a day and see just how much it’ll benefit you.

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