7 Benefits of Hot Water on an Empty Stomach

November 3, 2018
Drinking a cup of hot water on an empty stomach is a great alternative for those who don’t tolerate the acidity of lemon juice early in the morning. It helps your body eliminate toxins

There are many benefits of drinking hot water on an empty stomachand drinking a cup a day is an easy, healthy task worth adding to your daily routine. You’ll be amazed how something so simple can have so many benefits and zero side effects.

Additionally, if you’ve tried drinking warm water with lemon juice on an empty stomach and think it’s too strong or it just doesn’t sit well, don’t hesitate to substitute that for just a glass of hot water instead.

Be sure to check out the following 7 great reasons why you should start practicing this simple daily habit. Give it a try for at least 15 days!

Benefits of Drinking Hot Water on an Empty Stomach

1. It helps you lose weight

Of course, by drinking hot water alone you won’t shed those extra pounds. It’s an easy and healthy way to complement a proper diet, promoting your body’s natural detox and helping to regulate your weight.

Benefits of hot water include:

  • a boost in your metabolism
  • help flushing out toxins
  • improved digestion
  • reduced constipation

When you improve these basic processes you’re keeping your body in balance, something that when complemented with a healthy diet and exercises, allows you to improve your figure.

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2. It balances your nervous system

2 drink water
A great way to improve the health of your nervous system is one of the most surprising benefits of hot water on an empty stomach. Those first moments of the morning are ideal for this because your stomach is most receptive.

If you only drink a cup of coffee in the morning instead of breakfast, for example, it’s true that it does give you energy, but you also offset the pH balance of your body by making it more acidic.

  • High acidity tends to cause the body to accumulate toxins, retain fluids, and overstimulate the nervous system.
  • One of the benefits of hot water on an empty stomach, however, is that it prepares your body to better absorb nutrients. This creates an environment that’s free from toxins, improving your overall nervous system health.
  • So don’t hesitate to start your day of with a cup of hot water. Wait for 20 minutes and follow it up with a good breakfast that’s rich in fiber and protein.

3. Treat menstrual cramps

No doubt you also suffer from those monthly cramps that target your abdomen and stomach. Maybe you can only find relief while sitting or standing, and your discomfort may be so bad that it even prevents you from doing normal activities.

  • Sometimes, something as simple as drinking hot water can act as a fantastic sedative for alleviating cramps.
  • Try drinking a cup of hot water, sipping it slowly, to find relief.

4. Improve digestion

One thing worth mentioning is the fact that drinking water while you eat isn’t recommended. Your food arrives to the stomach mixed with water, which can overload its function.

The best thing to do is drink water before you eat, and the warmer it is the better. It’s easier on your stomach and intestines and prepares them to receive the food you eat and process the absorption of nutrients.

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5. Fight premature aging

It might surprise you to hear that hot water can fight premature aging. As we said in the beginning, this is intended as a complement of a daily routine that promotes overall good health.

  • Drinking water releases toxins from the body, and a body that’s free from bacteria and other harmful elements is better able to fight the effects of free radicals that cause premature aging.
  • Also remember that your skin needs to be properly hydrated from within to stay elastic and toned. Hot water, more than cold or lukewarm water, enhances hydration and the effective elimination of toxins.

It’s worth remembering!

6. Protect you against infection

If it’s cold, flu, or sore throat season, start drinking hot or warm water on a regular basis. It will help you fight congestion and inflammation while helping to treat any infection.

Hot water, in addition to eliminating viruses, toxins, and bacteria, treats inflamed and diseased tissues. It cleans them and reduces pain levels. Remember to drink hot water slowly in small sips.

7. Improve the health of your urinary tract

4 urinary tract
One way to fight urinary tract infections and improve the health of your kidneys is to drink hot water. There’s nothing better than starting off your day with a cup of warm water.

As you sleep, it’s normal for a lot of urine to build up, which contains toxins and bacteria that can attach to the walls of your bladder. Hot water helps to expel those harmful substances.

  • When you empty your bladder you release them more easily.
  • This cleanses your entire urinary tract and also has a diuretic effect to eliminate fluid retention.

So what do you think…will you start drinking that hot water on an empty stomach tomorrow morning? Your health will thank you!

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