7 Benefits of Daily Dry Brushing

· June 1, 2017
Did you know that you can fight cellulite, flabbiness, and liquid retention by dry brushing daily? Learn more in this article!

Many women use the dry brushing therapy.

This is because they have discovered the multiple benefits they get from doing it for just a few minutes every day. Plus, it’s an easy practice for both beauty and health.

Today, we’ll look at 7 benefits you’ll get by dry brushing. For instance, did you know that you can fight cellulite, flabbiness, and liquid retention?

What is dry brushing?

Dry brushing is an easy technique. It consists of scrubbing your skin with natural fibers to stimulate your skin and organs. At the same time, it increases your blood circulation.

  • This massage is done in the following order: start with your feet and always brush towards your heart.
  • Dry brushing is done at a medium intensity. However, it shouldn’t be annoying or painful for the person.
  • You can do it from 5 to 30 minutes several times per week. However, it’s recommended to start doing it for just a few minutes and progressively increase the time.
  • You’ll notice its beneficial properties from the very beginning. This happens in the way your skin looks and your health in general.
  • People with delicate or sensitive skin should be careful when doing this. Always use light pressure when starting.

Health benefits

Next, we’ll take a look at the 7 benefits of dry brushing. 

1. It helps drain your lymph nodes

Dry brushing helps you drain your lymph nodes. In other words, this lets you clean your body’s lymphatic system.

This system is responsible for getting rid of accumulated toxins. It also guarantees that your immune system functions correctly.

This helps you make your skin look better. At the same time, you’re getting rid of small toxic particles that are a source of health disorders.

This results in the strengthening of your body’s natural defenses.

2. It helps eliminate liquids

By doing this treatment, you’re also encouraging the elimination of liquids. Plus, this happens without taking a diuretic!

This way you can reduce swelling that happens in certain parts of your body. Some of these include your feet or neck. In addition, you can also relieve joint inflammation.

3. It encourages skin growth

This therapy is an alternative to exfoliation.

In fact, we can combine different kinds of skin peels to get rid of dead skin cells. This includes the ones that accumulate on the surface of your skin and make you look dull, grey, and dry.

This also encourages skin growth. And, as a result, it reduces wrinkles.

This exfoliation is also a good way to prepare yourself for sun exposure. It helps you get a good, healthy tan.

4. It fights cellulite

Cellulite is one of the big worries for many women. However, this technique gives you a solution. This is because dry brushing works on your skin with deep results.

The lymphatic drain gets substances moving that normally accumulate and make cellulite more stubborn.

5. It prevents stretch marks

Stretch marks are associated with dehydration and a lack of both elasticity and skin growth.

You can prevent stretch marks and encourage skin cell growth. This is done with a good daily dry brushing. Then, follow this with healthy, natural moisturizers.

6. It increases your blood flow

This brush massage has another benefit: increased blood flow. This especially happens when following the order we told you to follow at the beginning of the article.

Start with your feet and brush up. Always go in the direction of your heart. So, from your neck, brush down towards your chest.

If someone can brush your back, ask them to go from the bottom to top.

When you finish the massage, you’ll feel a pleasant tingling all over your body. This also gives you a great feeling of relief if you usually suffer from feeling heavy or from varicose veins.

7. It makes your skin smooth

An immediate result of dry brushing your skin is that it gives your skin a nice smoothness. It also increases skin growth.

Your skin will feel more soft, smooth, and firm. This also helps you fight flabby skin.

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