7 Benefits of Being Single and Happy

· April 7, 2018
Being single is an option, just as having a partner in life is also an option. The problem is that we often aren't able to tolerate the fear of solitude.

It is curious that in spite of the passing of time, we continue to make the same mistakes as before.

These days there are many people incapable of being happy without having a partner.  This upsets many people and for some others it causes serious problems.

One of these problems is often known as emotional dependency, which drags us into toxic relationships. For others, the heart of the problem is self-esteem, that sometimes is so low that we need someone who is able to love us.

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It’s normal to be afraid of being single in a world where loving relationships have so much importance, perhaps too much.

In spite of this, there are many people who know how to find enjoyment in the single life.  You can too.  It’s time to get rid of the fear of being single.  

It’s possible to be single and be happy


If you are a person who thinks that the greatest happiness is to have a partner, perhaps you have made the mistake of putting your happiness in the hands of others.  You have made that person responsible for your wellbeing.

You are not aware that you must be happy in yourself.  

Today we outline 7 benefits of being single that will open your eyes to the possibility of being happy without the need to be in a relationship.

No one should determine your happiness.  More importantly, many of us need to learn to be alone because we have never been in that situation.

1. You can learn to know yourself

Maybe you think that you already know yourself and you don’t need time to do that. If that is what you think, in reality you know nothing about yourself.

With the passing of time we change, and therefore we need to update ourselves continually and discover the person we have now become.  So if you think you know yourself, spend a little time alone. You will notice that you don’t know yourself as well as you thought. This can be difficult when a relationship has just ended. You have spent years of your life with another person, experiencing situations in life, taking on responsibilities… but now you are alone.

Getting involved with a new person right away is what many people do because of the emptiness.  They don’t know who they are now because they have lost their other half.  Just be patient, this feeling will pass as it is just a step in the transition.

Take advantage of this. Go back, get to know yourself and discover who you are.  It will do you good.

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2. Enjoy your time

Do you remember when you could leave the house without giving explanations? Lose yourself wherever, disconnect from the world and don’t be obligated to keep your partner informed because of being worried.

Being single is a situation that you should take advantage of because you never have the same experiences being single as you do when you are with a partner.  Now you can have your own fun and have time just for yourself!

3. You can devote your life entirely to yourself


Like we have said, now you have all the time in the world to dedicate to yourself.  What if you decide to take a trip that you have always wanted to take?  You decide!

It is the best time to grow professionally or pamper yourself a bit.  You don’t have to worry about anyone except yourself and this is a positive thing.  Don’t waste your time and don’t throw this moment out the window.

4. You are much stronger now

Have you noticed that when you are in the habit of being in a relationship, and suddenly you aren’t in it, you feel helpless?  You don’t know what to do nor how you will move on.  Do you know why this happens?

Our comfort zone has been shattered and we have left it.  Accepting this situation and knowing how to get out of it has allowed you to be a much stronger person without the comfort zone.

Take note of all the benefits you have by being single.  Now you don’t have to worry about anyone. It may sound cold, but it’s a relief!  At times, being single does us good, so don’t waste it.

5. You are more relaxed and sleep better

Perhaps you miss the hugs and snuggling when you find yourself alone in your bed, but look on the bright side.  You can go to bed and wake up whenever you please without having to answer to anyone or worry about anyone else.

Do you remember those arguments that didn’t let you sleep?  What about those situations that made you toss and turn every night?  Jealousy, bickering, misunderstanding…all of that is a thing of the past!  You’ll sleep better, don’t you think?

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6. You will learn to value true friendship


When we start to date someone, the novelty causes us to distance ourselves from our friends, a mistake that many of us have made.

Those friends unconditionally support you when you put them aside.  We then have to recuperate the friendship and we should never relegate them to second place again.  Partners come and go but friends are permanent. Besides, you should learn that no partner should occupy your time 24 hours a day.  This is not fair for anyone or for you.  

7. You allow yourself to meet new people


As a couple, the possibilities of meeting new people are less. You can’t always be with who you want to be with and you aren’t able to do as you please.

It could be that as a couple you have your circle of friends. For that reason, take advantage of being single by traveling, going to new places, living those experiences that you can’t enjoy as a couple and have fun with the freedom you have now.

It’s possible that you believe that being single is not for everyone, but you are wrong.  The fear of time passing and ending up alone terrorizes us. It causes us to desperately seek an accomplice and life companion.

Who has ever said that you can’t be happy without a partner?  Is it not good to grow old with good friends, but without a partner at our side?  Even today it seems that it looks bad to be single because it is “normal” that we all want to have a partner.

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You decide where your life leads and you will avoid frustration or feeling alone because everyone around you is in a relationship except you.

Actually, even though they are together, you are with yourself and taking advantage of the time that you don’t have to deal with anyone.

Learn to love yourself, do what you want to do, know yourself, try new things, enjoy life and experiment. Life can change from one moment to the next so enjoy the present.

Sometimes we aren’t conscious of the good we can do for ourselves being alone for a long time, dedicating all to ourselves.