The 6 Worst Ingredients You Can Add To Your Coffee

· December 27, 2016
Beyond changing its natural flavor, adding certain ingredients to your coffee can be more harmful than you think and may lead to obesity and health problems

It has been demonstrated that drinking coffee can increase memory, promote well-being, heart health and reduce the risk of diabetes.

Nevertheless, there comes a time when coffee is your worst enemy: when you add artificial sugar and other ingredients that aren’t healthy in any way.

Are you sure your cup of coffee can be considered healthy? Here are the worst ingredients you can add to your coffee.

1. Added flavors

Coffee beverages that have additional flavors like vanilla, hazelnut or caramel are full of sugar and artificial colors.

added flavors to coffee

If you want to add some flavor, try to add a few drops of vanilla, mint or another dried fruit extract.

These do not contain additional sugar, but keep in mind that these flavors may change the level of glucose in your blood.

It is ideal to not add anything at all to your coffee, and you should avoid these ingredients remembering that true coffee flavor is not sweet.

2. Saccharine and sweeteners

Zero-calorie sweeteners help avoid drinking coffee loaded with sugar. The problem? These are sugar derivatives that also alter your metabolism.

The result may be that you eat more food because you do not feel full at the time.

This can lead to damage in intestinal bacterial growth and even increase the possibility of diabetes.

Stevia leaf extract is the healthiest option for sweetening coffee. It doesn’t contain sucralose (like Splenda), with is claimed to be healthy but actually isn’t.

3. Sugar


A little sugar daily won’t do any harm, but if you drink several cups of coffee a day, you should know that these empty calories build up in your body.

Adding two teaspoons of sugar to three cups of coffee adds up to 50 grams of sugar.

Keeping in mind that the daily recommended allowance of sugar for an adult is 90 grams with a diet of 2000 calories, it’s too much.

But you don’t have to stop drinking several cups of coffee. You can find healthier options to sweeten its strong and bitter flavor.

As long as you don’t exceed the recommended amount, you can try using less sugar.

If you can choose, always go for brown sugar, which is healthier, or include natural spices like cinnamon. This spice can help reduce spikes in blood sugar and avoid cravings.

4. Nonfat milk

This ingredient isn’t necessarily bad, but it has been demonstrated that milk products with their natural fat can be better.

This means that people who drink whole milk products regularly consume less carbohydrates over the years.

Those who consume nonfat products have a significantly higher carbohydrate intake, which generally means they gain weight.

And that’s not all. Whole milk products are associated with a lower risk of suffering type 2 diabetes.

This may be owed to the specific fatty acids in whole milk that help prevent the disease, which makes it a good option to add to your coffee.

5. Powdered coffee creamer

This is without a doubt the worst ingredient you can add to your coffee. All this does is change the color and imitate a creamy texture which other milk-based creams also have.

These lactose-free condiments often have corn syrup and vegetable oil, which means sugar and empty calories.

This is an elegant way of saying artificial trans fats, which provokes arterial obstructions and is related to heart disease and diabetes.

So when you go on a trip, don’t use these ingredients that are normally found in airplanes and cafeterias.

6. Alcohol

The worst combination you can make with your coffee is to mix it with any kind of distilled beverage. There’s no way this can enter in the healthy beverage club.

Don’t forget that alcoholic beverages give you energy but no other nutrient that may provide benefits.

coffee and alcohol

Alcohol consumption is a causal factor in many diseases and health problems, such as mental and behavioral disorders.

Don’t forget that an excess of alcohol leads to alcoholism, hepatic cirrhosis, cardiac disease and some types of cancer, never mind the secondary problems such as violence and traffic accidents.

With this list in mind, you’ve probably realized that our recommendation is to keep your coffee as simple as possible. If anything, use a natural flavoring.

The best options are:

  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla extract
  • Mint extract
  • Soy milk
  • Almond milk