6 Ways to Decorate the Entrance of Your Home

October 26, 2018
There are many different ways to make the entrance to your home the envy of the entire neighborhood. Today we’ll share a few of them with you so that people will stop and admire your house each time they visit

It’s essential to have a home that you feel comfortable inside. This is your space in the world, so everything should be exactly as you want it to be. Don’t neglect the exterior, however. This is the visible face of your home. Here, we’ll share some useful tips to decorate the entrance of your house.

They say that first impressions are everything. Indeed, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. This saying can also be applied to your home. Just as you like to look good when you’re out in public, your house should also be presentable to others.

It’s not about being vain or thinking you’re better than everyone else. This is simply a way to improve your self-esteem and the love of a home you’ve created.

If you’re looking for ideas to decorate the entrance to your home, the ones we’ll share today will surely help you. Jot down the recommendations we’ve listed here!

Tips to decorate the entrance of your home

1-Colorful flowers

Decorate the Entrance

If you like nature and flowers in particular, place some decorative plants or jars filled with colorful flowers along the entrance.

These are especially effective along the sides of a walkway that leads to the door, against the outdoor walls, and even under your windows.

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2-Your lawn and other plants

Never underestimate the power of a well-manicured, lush lawn. So many people have become obsessed with lawn care and can be irritable when others tread on it – it’s just too beautiful.

The placement of decorative trees, shrubs, and other plants can contribute a lot to a natural landscaping effect. If you have a wall along the walkway, you can place vines and pots with plants or small flowers in them.

Your lawn and other plants3-A fountain

This might sound like something too ostentatious or exaggerated if you’re imagining those huge fountains outside museums or in town squares. But in reality, fountains come in small sizes that are perfect for decorating the entrance to your home.

You can find a minimalist fountain design that only needs a wall to work with. With some stones or small plants around it, it’s a perfect detail to complement the entrance.

4-Tiled porch or patio

If you have a large home with a garden or lots of vegetation, decorate your entrance with a classic tiled design. A gallery-type space with matching tiles and lanterns on the walls can have a beautiful effect.


Different colors of stone can be used for all kinds of decorative purposes. You can combine them with the green color of your lawn, with wooden stairs, or with slate walls.

Stones can also be used to create paths or to surround tiles within the home. The best thing about them is that they provide a visual resting place if you’ve already added other decorative elements.


Lighting is something that can never be ignored. The lights in your home have the power to enhance all your decorative touches – or to ruin them.

There are many options to light the exterior of your home. Here are a few of the best ones:

  • LED lights set into walls or porches.
  • Lanterns on the sides of doors, porches, or walls.
  • Classic hanging lights.
  • Luminaries for a path: these can be standalone or built into the ground. They mix well with other elements such as shrubs and stones.
  • Colored lights: Don’t be afraid to use yellow, green, blue, or red lighting – whatever goes with the walls and other elements. There are some innovative designs that can provide a pleasant surprise for your guests.

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Wood has a lovely effect when it comes to decorating. Because it is outdoors, it must be treated to withstand the weather, but it’s an alternative that never disappoints.

You can add wooden touches to your floors, steps, doorways, pots, and even on the walls. Don’t forget about the classic wooden fence, which will never lose its charm when combined with a beautiful garden or patio.

As you can see, decorating the entrance to your home consists of some little details that can entirely change the appearance. Observe other homes, ask for some advice from a professional decorator, and evaluate what’s available within your budget to get what you need.

Then, be creative and enjoy the results – and the compliments from your neighbors.