6 Tricks for Clean Windows

6 Tricks for Clean Windows

Last update: 01 November, 2020

Here are 6 tricks to clean windows effectively — but with little effort. 

Since windows are exposed to the elements, they get dirty easily, and this means that we must do some maintenance. Even though cleaning isn’t a fun job, everything has a solution. To make it a little easier and quicker, we’d like to share 6 tricks you can use to clean your windows.

You’ve probably cleaned them before and then been disappointed with the results. Then the frustration discourages you and so you put off cleaning them. But dirty windows will keep your house from looking as good as it could.

Even if you keep the floor, furniture and surfaces neat, if the windows are full of grease, dust and dirt, then it’s all for naught. Say goodbye to those dirty windows and use the tricks below.

6 quick and effective tricks to clean windows

1. Vinegar: it will never fail you

While there are many cleaners that can give a similar effect, vinegar is very powerful. Plus, it doesn’t smell as bad as some chemical products, which can also cause allergic reactions in some people.

White vinegar to clean windows.

Vinegar helps the dirt to come off easily. This way you won’t have to scrub the windows, but simply slide the cloth or newspaper across the glass. Vinegar also gives a bright, crystal clear finish.

To clean windows the easy way, just combine one part white vinegar with three parts hot water. To counteract the scent of vinegar, you can add a touch of lemon juice to the mixture. If the smell of vinegar bothers you a lot, you can also prepare the solution with five parts water instead of three.

If you still want to use a chemical window cleaner, we recommend that you combine them. This way it will last longer. Mix 3 tablespoons of white vinegar in two cups of water and add half a teaspoon of liquid detergent. You’ll see how well the dirt comes off.

2. Window cleaning cloth

You can buy cleaning cloths at the store, but if your goal is to save money, then here are some alternatives. Cleaning windows with newspaper is the most convenient option for most people. It leaves no residue and gives a shiny finish.

Apart from this, you don’t have to worry about scratching your windows. Newspaper will leave a very thin, invisible layer that will keep your windows from getting dirty so quickly.

Sponges you already have around the house can also be effective for removing detergent residue. A very practical trick, if you don’t have any of the above, is to use coffee filters. They have almost the same versatility as newspaper and will give you the same shiny finish with no smudges or scratches.

3. Clean windows on a cloudy day

Regardless of the climate where you live, you’ll be able to find one cloudy day to clean your windows. If you do it on a sunny day, the sun will make the cleaner dry in such a way that it will leave streaks. Plus, cleaning in the bright sun can make it even less fun.

4. Clean very dirty windows

If you’ve gone several months without cleaning your windows, they’re probably quite dirty. In this case, it is best to use a porous sponge and clean from top to bottom to avoid dripping water. You can use a microfiber cloth to polish the glass when it’s dry. Just be careful that the cloth doesn’t leave lint on the glass.

Open your windows and doors

5. Vertical and horizontal

You’ve now finished cleaning your windows inside and out, but you still don’t like the result. There are still streaks or dirt. You check it inside and nothing, so then you look for it outside and nothing, either. It’s a nightmare, but it has a solution.

When you wash your windows on both sides, clean them from side to side on the inside and make vertical movements on the outside. This will keep you from going crazy when can’t figure out which side the marks are.

6. The blinds

Blinds need cleaning too, but don’t worry; it’s very easy. Spray them with an antiseptic spray and use a cloth to wipe them, always using a cloth that won’t leave residue.