6 Tips to Eliminate Kidney Stones

6 Tips to Eliminate Kidney Stones

Last update: 09 November, 2018

Kidney stones are hard deposits that are formed from salt, minerals, and other residue building up in urine. They can be as small as a tiny grain of sand or a lot bigger, which cause obstructions in your urinary tract and severe medical conditions.

The process of expelling them is painful and usually comes along with other symptoms. In fact, if they get stuck in the urinary tract and produce infections that may require surgery to remove them.

It’s very important to know how they form in order to have an early diagnosis. The earlier you detect them, the more success you’ll have with your treatment. In this article, you can learn about the main symptoms of kidney stones and several tips that are useful for prevent them.

Why Do Kidney Stones Form?

Kidney stones don’t have a specific cause. There are various factors that are related to having them. Their appearance in urine is very concentrated with crystallized substances such as calcium, oxalate, and uric acid. 

This could be caused by:

  • Not drinking enough water (dehydration)
  • Family history of kidney stones
  • Diets rich in proteins, sodium, or sugar
  • Being overweight or obese
  • Digestive system conditions
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Prolonged consumption of certain medications

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Symptoms of Kidney Stones

Woman with kidney stones

The clinical features of kidney stones can vary from patient to patient. Some people don’t show any symptoms during early stages. In general, the pain appears when the stones get bigger in size.

The symptoms could include:

  • Intense pain in the sides of your body, under your ribs
  • Pain from your lower abdomen to the groin
  • Burning sensation while you urinate
  • Pink, red, or brown urine
  • Foul smelling urine
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Constant need to urinate
  • Fever and chills (if there is an infection)

Tips to Get Rid of Kidney Stones

When you are diagnosed with kidney stones during its early stages, it’s possible to take a few natural measures to get rid of them faster. It’s very important that you follow your doctor’s instructions and likewise try asking about some tips that could be useful for your treatment.

1. Increase Your Water Intake

Woman drinking water

Drinking water every day is one of the most important habits to maintain good kidney health. Liquids help maintain optimal urine production, which facilitating the elimination of residue that builds up in your body.

  • To prevent kidney stones, drink 2 liters of water per day.

2. Drink Lemonade

Due to its alkaline and hydrating properties, lemonade is one of the healthiest and best drinks to improve the process of breaking down kidney stones. Its diuretic effect helps eliminate the liquids you’ve retained in your joints and, therefore, cause the cleansing of your urinary tract. 

  • Prepare one pitcher of lemonade and drink it throughout the day.

3. Drink Apple Vinegar

Apple Juice

Organic apple cider vinegar is one of the traditional remedies for urinary tract problems. Its natural acids regulate your body’s pH levels and facilitate the elimination process of minerals and proteins. 

  • Dilute one tablespoon of the vinegar in warm water and drink it in the morning before breakfast.
  • Drink it for at least 3 weeks in a row.

4. Improve Your Diet

All patients with this kidney problem should completely change their diet. Although there are many foods you eat on a daily basis that could be beneficial, others could make your condition worse.

  • Increase your consumption of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains.
  • Limit your consumption of sodas, energy drinks, and processed foods.

5. Limit Your Consumption of Salt


In order to prevent any kidney stone complications, it’s important to limit your salt consumption. This substance not only influences the formation of stones, but also causes water retention and inflammation.

  • Avoid adding salt to your foods.
  • Limit your consumption of foods rich in sodium: sauces, Chinese food, canned food, etc.

6. Drink Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate juice is another natural complement that can help facilitate the elimination of kidney stones. It’s rich in antioxidant compounds, vitamins, and fiber, it’s ideal to improve your kidney function.

  • Make a cup of juice and drink it in the morning before breakfast for 3 weeks.

The discomfort caused by kidney stones can vary depending on where they are located in your urinary tract. If you notice any complications, you should notify your doctor immediately.

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