6 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight with Age

Our metabolism slows down with age, and this makes it easier to end up accumulating more weight. However, these tips can help you avoid gaining weight with age.
6 Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight with Age

Last update: 25 January, 2019

As we get older, it seems inevitable that we will end up losing muscle and putting on weight. However, there are some good recommendations and tips we can follow to improve our diet and have a little more control over our bodies. Take note of these bits of advice so that you can avoid gaining weight with age.

Tips to Avoid Gaining Weight with Age

1. Consume flavonoids

Gaining weight with age flavonoids such as blueberries help prevent age related weight gain

Many studies have come to the conclusion that if we eat a considerable amount of flavonoids, it will help us maintain our weight, or even help us lose a little.

That is why it’s so important to consume blueberries, strawberries, cherries, grapes, berries, tea, apples, onions, leeks, and broccoli. 

To get all of the benefits of flavonoids, you only have to add a piece of these fruits to your daily diet. 

2. Don’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle

It is essential that you don’t fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Gaining weight with age is very easy and common because our metabolism slows down as we get older. Because of this, it’s important to stay as active as possible.

We need to do a little physical activity every day or at least 5 days a week, even if it is just moderate intensity. If you do physical activity you will get stronger and your muscles and joints will feel younger. In this way, you will slow down the effects of time.

According to recent studies, doing small, 1o minute sessions of exercise, three times a day will allow you to achieve the same results as if you did 30 continuous minutes of exercise a day. Don’t hesitate to do something small. When you go to take the elevator, remember that it’s much better to choose the stairs.

3. Maintain an active mind

Avoid gaining weight with age by keeping your mind active reading writing thinking tree

As we age, we usually start to lose our memory. To avoid this, it is recommended to do brain-stimulating activities that keep your mind active. These can include daily reading, crosswords, chess, or sudoku, among other options.

This healthy habit will help to keep your memory and concentration agile. Ultimately, you should know that all activities that help keep your mind awake and active, also help to prevent stress and depressionAll of this will help improve your quality of life.

4. Forget dieting

The majority of diets low in calories can be counterproductive. In fact, they can even reduce your metabolic rhythm permanently, which will be detrimental to any future weight loss or maintenance endeavor.

This is because the body feels deprived of calories and then tries to preserve them by burning even fewer calories.

When we diet often, we run the risk of lowering our metabolic rate permanently. If you have thought of doing a diet with less than 1200 calories, you should know that it is not recommended. It could result in a loss of tissues that are not fatty, like muscular tissue.

The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you need in a day and the more calories you will burn. As a result, if you end up losing muscle it will be even harder to avoid gaining weight with age.

5. Control your health

Eating fruits and vegetables helps control gaining weight with age

It is important that you get checked out by a doctor for health problems periodically. Aging usually results in certain problems like hypertension and osteoporosis, among others.

In fact, these problems can cause limitations when it comes to exercising. Don’t hesitate to get check-ups whenever you feel your health might be suffering.

6. Don’t leave these tips for tomorrow

Don’t put off implementing these good habits; the time to begin for yourself is now. You should internalize the importance of taking care of your body and health and not wait for health problems to appear.

Don’t hesitate and try to include these healthy habits in your daily routine as soon as possible. That way,  you will remain in excellent health and avoid gaining weight with age.

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