6 Tips for Choosing a Dining Room Table

A dining room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture at home. We'll tell you some tips to make the best choice for your needs in this article.
6 Tips for Choosing a Dining Room Table

Last update: 16 August, 2021

Choosing a dining room table isn’t something to take lightly. After all, it’ll be the meeting place with your loved ones to eat delicious foods, holiday dinners, and even share snacks and stories.

Without a doubt, the dining room is one of the most important spaces at home, which is why you will see lots of options on the market.

However, be careful! As beautiful as it may look, you need to make sure that it fits your needs.

We’ll give you 6 basic tips in this article.

1. Measure your dining room space

This is the easiest way to figure out the space you have for your new table. This way, you can accurately choose the size and design.

Take into account all the objects and furniture that will be in the dining room. In these cases, precision is necessary.

To ensure good mobility, it’s best for there to be at least 3 feet of space from the edge of the table in all directions. Save yourself headaches by not choosing a fabulous table that, due to its dimensions, makes your dining room less functional.

2. Choose the most appropriate shape

Certain table shapes work better with certain spaces. So, the basic rules from some interior designers are:

  • Square and round tables are ideal for square spaces, not in rectangular rooms, as they make it feel more narrow.
  • Rectangular or oval tables work well in elongated or rectangular spaces. They don’t work as well in square rooms, since they make diners feel more uncomfortable.
A modern dining table and chairs.

3. Take materials into account

Style and taste are very personal. However, you must take some factors into account that will make a difference in the usefulness your table could have. Do you have children at home? Waterproof material is a good option.

If everything will revolve around your table, choose durable materials. Solid wood and thick glass resist scratches and other accidents very well. Another reasonable option is a table with a ceramic top. They’re very fashionable and are proven to be durable.

4. The base of the dining room table is also important

Believe it or not, the base makes a difference in the comfort of your table. If you want to seat multiple people together, opt for a pedestal base. It will give you enough space for your feet. In the same way, this type of dining room helps you free up space if your home is small.

5. Don’t forget about the chairs

Keep in mind that chairs are usually the first item on the table to be damaged. So, it’s a good idea to buy models that aren’t hard to replace.

For example, combining different types of seating in the dining room has become popular, like elongated benches or armchairs with headboards. Opt for dark fabrics if you have kids since stains will distract from the space’s beauty.

6. Go for a timeless color choice

The length of your dining room table is connected to the color you choose. Make sure that the tones you choose can work with future decoration changesGray, brown, black, and white are classics that work well with most color palettes.

Advantages and disadvantages of dining room tables depending on the shape

The two most popular styles are round and square, but they have some disadvantages that might be dealbreakers. Learn more about it below.

Advantages of having a round dining table

Not having corners makes round tables more welcoming, which can even enliven and courage conversations. Its shape makes it easy for everyone to see each other.

It’s common for this style of table to only have one pedestal, which will avoid difficulties with table legs and the lack of corners. They may reduce the risk of accidents.

Disadvantages of choosing a round table

In a rectangular or narrow space, they don’t work well with round tables. They can make it tighter and make it harder to move. Also, if you want to push it against the wall to make room for people walking, you’ll have to lose a position in the exchange. This won’t make it look very good.

Its diameter should be wide if you’re looking to seat several people at once. This means having a very large table for the space you have available. Additionally, its shape also makes it hard to add other chairs or attach another table to it.

Advantages of having a square dining table

A square dining room table looks great in a minimalist homeIt looks even more elegant if you add a thick glass to its surface. This style of table gives you the ability to play with space; you can push it against a wall or corner without a problem.

Also, if you have more guests than usual, you can just add another table to make it longer. This way, you can all eat together.

Disadvantages of choosing a square table

Generally, square tables are small since they’re made for square spaces in houses or apartments. On the other hand, its corners can be an issue for children.

Similarly, if you have more guests and have to add more chairs, the guest on the corner will find it somewhat uncomfortable.

A family eating dinner together.

Advantages of rectangular dining room tables

If you have the space, try a rectangular table that fits 6 or 8 people. They’re a great option for people who usually have lots of guests.

Without a doubt, they increase the number of seats by adding a few chairs. This is all without making anyone uncomfortable.

Disadvantages of rectangular tables

Rectangular tables are usually very large and take up a lot of space, so they don’t look very good in every home. Sometimes, having them can make things feel tight and uncomfortable.

How to choose the right table

A dining room can really improve the decoration of your home if it’s the right size and has a design that fits your space. Therefore, take all this into consideration.

Not all houses have the same rules. Try to guide yourself by some basic principles. One of them is to take into account the space you have.

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