6 Things in Your Closet That You Should Throw Out Right Now

Hoarding clothes can turn your closet into a real mess of clothes and accessories that you don't even use. Here are some ideas to transform your closet into a space you love!
6 Things in Your Closet That You Should Throw Out Right Now

Last update: 10 July, 2021

Changing seasons and their sales are one of the triggers for you to fill up your closet with useless products. In the case of fashion, various low-cost brands play a key role in turning consumers into compulsive shoppers. That’s why there are things in your closet that you should throw away and not wait.

Having a lot of clothes doesn’t mean always looking good. Style is one of those issues that tends to get lost in an unconsolidated closet. Here you should prioritize key garments – those that go great with your body type and, of course, clothes that carry your own personal “brand.”

Cleaning and tidying up should be two essential rules to give a new and renewed air to the closet. However, it all starts with wanting to change, not only to give a new space to what you really need but also to get rid of everything useless or impractical.

Things in your closet that you should throw out right now

Let’s analyze some things in your closet that you should throw out. If you don’t do it now, don’t procrastinate either. The sooner you get to work, the better the cleaning.

Fashion is moving faster and faster and from one season to the next. Designs are constantly transforming. Maybe that glitter dress or checkered print that caught so much attention on the catwalks some time ago is just taking up space that could be used for a more timeless garment.

And although it’s not a bad idea to wear trends, you must rethink which ones are less seasonal – that is, those that are rarely repeated. Avoid these and try to opt for more timeless trends instead.

A woman in her closet
You should frequently take a look in your closet because there are always garments that seem to stay there, even though they have no use.

2. Old clothes in your closet

Some old clothes generate unnecessary attachments. Memories with a sweater or those pants that fit you so well can be great, but if they’re worn out and no longer useful, it’s best to get rid of them.

One item out and one item in is one of the tricks to make room for the new.

3. The size dilemma

The body changes and this means that clothes change, too.

Keeping certain types of clothes that don’t fit your measurements can be an action that’s contributing to cluttering up meaningless pieces. If you take them out, maybe other people can make better use of them.

4. Broken items

This applies to jewelry, glasses, handbags, and even clothing. What’s broken is useless. If you have left it in the closet thinking about fixing it and time has passed and you can’t, it’s time to say goodbye.

In this sense, a pair of pants that got stained by washing or food should come to an end and make way for something better.

5. Shoes that hurt

This is one of the most common problems. A new pair of shoes may be the justification for not throwing them out of the closet, but if they cause you pain and you still can’t get used to them, it’s best to make way for them outside.

6. Purposeless clothing

Impulse purchases or unwanted gifts are often the cause of the dressing room having unnecessary pieces or that don’t go with your own style.

The truth is that if you don’t like it, there’s no chance you’ll wear it. That’s more than enough reason not to keep it anymore.

Organized closet
A tidy closet doesn’t mean you don’t have things you should throw away, so set aside space for a thorough overhaul.

Tips on how to get rid of the things in your closet

Marie Kondo, author of the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing, has taught many lessons about maintaining a balanced existence. Her method is that you have to question the use of clothes; if they spark joy and if they’re functional. In addition, she proposes to be thankful for each piece that goes.

In this sense, there are also other basic ideas. One of them is that closet space determines how many pieces we can keep. The other is the capsule closet, which is created from basic and classic designs or in neutral colors, generally more timeless ones.

Taking on the role of stylist is another way to get rid of things that no longer work. Taking out all the clothes and putting together looks is a creative idea to define what’s necessary and what isn’t. This is also valid for finding outfits that fit each season, making a list of the must-haves, and organizing the closet in a more orderly fashion.

While all these actions can work, we must ask ourselves if we really need a piece of clothing. This is the first step towards more responsible consumption, which should be aimed at meeting real needs.

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