6 Signs of High Blood Sugar

April 5, 2019
Although it may seem contradictory, if you have high blood sugar, it's possible that you'll lose weight more quickly for no apparent reason because your body will use more calories.

The body sends us more signals than we think, especially in relation to certain problems that may be associated with high blood sugar or cholesterol levels.

We tend to associate high blood sugar with diabetes, but in truth this is not the only issue.

In reality, anyone can suffer from this problem and not even realize it to begin with. So, if you think this may be the case for you, take note of the signs that your body may be sending you.

1. Being hungry all the time could be due to high blood sugar

Although this is something that happens to a greater proportion of people than we may think, what’s for sure is that being hungry all the time may be a sign that something isn’t working well.

If we have high blood sugar, this prevents glucose from being released in our cells.

As a result, the body doesn’t get the energy it needs and is obliged to continue asking for food. This is what creates the sensation of constant hunger.

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2. Being very tired

A woman looking tired.

When we feel very tired, we always blame it on having too much work or on other problems like anemia. However, in reality it can also be due to high blood sugar levels.

When we have this problem, the body is not able to conserve and absorb glucose adequately.

Because of this, energy is not used efficiently, and the cells of the body don’t receive the amount of food they need.

Consequently, the result is that the person feels tired even when they have no reason to.

3. Frequent need to go to the bathroom

Frequent urination is another symptom of diabetes.

If we have very high blood sugar, the kidneys are affected and try to balance the concentration of glucose in the blood and cells.

That is to say, what ends up happening is that the body dissolves the blood in the intracellular fluid.

In this way, it tries to bring the concentration of sugar in the blood back to more normal levels. We experience this as the need to go to the bathroom more frequently.

4. Losing weight quickly

A woman annoyed with her scales.

If you have high blood sugar, your body may lose a lot of weight in a short period of time. Seems strange, doesn’t it?

Believe it or not, this may happen even if you eat a lot and eat high-calorie foods.

As a result of losing a lot of liquid due to frequent urination, you won’t retain any liquids at all and this will make you lose weight.

Large amounts of urine with high glucose levels will make the body use more calories.

Thus, all of this will make your body try to get rid of the excess glucose.

Also, if the level of insulin is not high enough for metabolism, the body will start to burn fat.

5. Blurry vision

If your vision sometimes goes blurry, this can also be because of high blood sugar. In this case, this problem is the result of dehydration from the increase in blood sugar.

When this happens, your whole body suffers, including the cells of your eyes, which consequently deform and lose the ability to focus correctly.

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6. Irritability

An angry woman on the phone.

If you feel more irritable than ever and this symptom comes together with any of the others we’ve mentioned, then it may be the result of high blood sugar.

This is because people with high blood sugar are more anxious and irritable and are even more likely to suffer from depression.

The brain needs a constant and adequate supply of glucose to work well. If there are drastic changes to this supply, this will affect its functioning and our mood will suddenly get worse.

Also, sugar is related to the absorption of another nutrient responsible for mood: chromium. We can’t maintain our insulin levels without this element.