6 Signs of an Alcohol Addiction

· June 23, 2017
If we stop seeing alcohol as a complement to our social gatherings and instead it becomes the reason for them, then we probably have a problem. Learn how to identify an alcohol addiction in order to get help early.

Do you think that you could be developing an alcohol addiction? Sometimes, in the first stages, you might doubt the possibility of becoming an addict.

To dispel these doubts, in this article we’re going to explain 6 signs that show that you may be suffering from an addiction.

Only you will be aware of many of these, so open your eyes and don’t ignore something that could become a serious problem over time.

The signs of alcohol addiction

1. Starting early

What do we mean by starting early? We mean, for example, when you’ve arranged to meet some friends to watch football and you’re going to have a few beers during the match, but you start drinking beforehand.

Perhaps you’ve a few shots of a drink you like, a rum and coke, or you open a bottle of wine.

What you drink depends on your tastes, but the important thing to notice is whether you begin drinking well before the start of social occasion that you’re using to justify drinking.

2. You start rejecting non-alcoholic drinks

If you already have an alcohol addiction problem are developing one, you may realize because you find yourself turning down low-alcohol drinks or non-alcoholic drinks.

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Although you may think this is silly or unimportant, in reality it is very important. This may mean that you’re drinking more high-alcohol content drinks or drinking less alcohol-free drinks.

3. Drinking excessively fast

It’s true that in certain social contexts it’s normal to have a glass of wine or a shot of tequila. However, this is done in a natural way without the presence of anxiety.

However, if you’re now susceptible to an alcohol addiction, you might not realize, or perhaps someone might point out to you, that you’re drinking too fast as if you were really thirsty.

In fact, it seems that socializing isn’t the important thing, but rather the act of drinking.

4. Do you check the minibar?

If the first thing you do when you go into a hotel room isn’t look at the views, check out the bathroom or test how comfortable the bed is, but instead you go straight for the minibar, then we’re looking at an incipient alcohol problem.

You’re in a completely new place with lots of things to explore other than that little fridge of bottles and other foods.

Also, you also need to think about the situation beforehand: are you already thinking about the contents of the minibar before you even get into the room?

5. Do you check your stocks daily?

If you find that checking your stocks becomes a daily task alongside preparing food, cleaning the house and tidying up, then be careful!

This wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t cause you anxiety and even make you lose your concentration at certain moments in your life.

The fear of getting stuck without alcohol supplies is a clear alert of an alcohol addiction.

6. Seeking out friends that like drinking

When we find ourselves in a deeper alcohol addiction, then we don’t just stop valuing low-alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks, but also people who don’t like drinking.

Suddenly, we find ourselves seeking out new friends who share our taste and we leave those that don’t.

Even if they’re great friends and we’ve known them all our life, our addiction starts to become more important than any relationship.

Alcohol addiction, like any other addiction, warns you that something is happening before you get submerged. The problem is that sometimes its signs are so subtle that they go unnoticed.

Learn how to identify them to treat the addiction early and take care of your health.