6 Reasons Why You Are Not Fully Enjoying Sex

June 6, 2019
Don't over think or stress about this. Enjoying sex involves relaxing. If you cannot relax, it will be impossible to fully enjoy it.

Many times sex is not as simple as it seems. Many different factors can affect our enjoyment during sex. Do you know what these factors are? This article will delve deeper into what exactly affects our enjoyment during sex.

Why do you not enjoy sex to its fullest?

Sex is always seen as something that you enjoy to the fullest every time you have it. However, in reality, there are times that we are left feeling unsatisfied during and after sex. Why?

There are several factors that affect your ability to enjoy sex to the fullest. It could be that you are nervous or stressed about daily life. Stress is generally the main factor that affects a person’s ability to enjoy sex.

With that said, there are many other factors other than stress that can affect our sexual pleasure. Below we discuss a few of them.

Anxiety over pleasing your partner

When it comes to maintaining relationships, anxiety and taboos should be left behind to be able to fully enjoy your intimacy with your partner.

You may feel pressure to satisfy your partner to a point that it stresses you out and leaves you unable to relax. If this is the case, you need to remember that your pleasure is just as important to your partner as their own and that you deserve the same attention as the other person.

On the other hand, it may be that you want to try something in bed but have not discussed it yet with your partner. It could be because of fear or embarrassment that your partner will reject your idea or fantasy. The fact is that without expressing yourself fully, you will not satisfy your own desires and it will create stress within the relationship.

Whatever the reason may be, you need to be relaxed to be able to enjoy sex to the fullest. For this reason, forget taboos and avoid stress and anxiety and enjoy your own pleasure.

Additionally, do not forget to share your thoughts and desires with your partner. How can you fully enjoy sex without first talking about what excites and satisfies you the most?

Insecurities that prevent you from fully enjoying sex

Maybe there are parts of your body that you dislike or feel uncomfortable about. You may try to avoid being touched in those areas or show off other parts of your body that you are more confident about. You may also feel uncomfortable being nude with the lights on.

This goes with the previous point. How can we experience pleasure if we cannot relax? Therefore, it is best to forget any insecurities, stresses, or anxieties when we have sex. This will allow us to fully enjoy it. You can enjoy it more when you feel comfortable with the other person and do not feel insecure about yourself.

Vaginal dryness

sos vaginal dryness
Some women, especially women in certain stages of their life, experience vaginal dryness. Using lubricants or gels can help with this.

Despite feeling sexually aroused, many women have vaginal dryness. This is normal during certain stages of a woman’s life, especially during menopause or breastfeeding.

To combat this, you can use lubricants that will help with vaginal dryness and help you enjoy sex to the fullest.

Obsessing over having an orgasm

Sometimes people obsess over reaching an orgasm, and this has the reverse effect. It creates stress that leads to not having one. As you can see here, the number one enemy in sexual pleasure is stress.

While orgasms are good and satisfying, it is better to relax and enjoy all the pleasures that sex has to offer rather than obsessing over it.

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Overcoming vaginismus to enjoy sex

Overcoming vaginismus
If you experience pain during intercourse, this is a problem that should be discussed with your gynecologist.

Vaginismus is a condition in females that is characterized by involuntary contraction of the pelvic muscles that surround the vagina. The vagina can become narrower and cause pain during intercourse.

The causes of vaginismus can be physical (endometriosis for example) or psychological (depression, anxiety, trauma). In any case, you should visit your gynecologist who can advise you and discuss appropriate treatments.

Anorgasmia in women

This is another condition that affects sex. In this case, despite ample stimulatation and sexual desire, the woman cannot reach an orgasm. While it can be due to some stages of menopause, it is more complicated than that.

In can be rooted in bad sex education and an ignorance of one’s own desire and body. Additionally, it can be linked to periods of stress and anxiety and is common in people with depression.

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As you have seen, most of the reasons people do not fully enjoy sex are related to stress. Therefore, it is imperative to maintain good communication with your partner and feel safe, relaxed, and comfortable in the relationship.

Sex is pleasurable, and enjoying it to the fullest can be important to your well-being.