6 Natural Products that Will Help You Manage Menopause

· June 20, 2017
While there is a whole gamut of chemical products to help with menopause symptoms, it's always best to opt for natural alternatives with fewer side effects. Try these!

Menopause usually starts between 45 and 54 years of age.When it arrives, women usually gain a few pounds or more.

To reduce the symptoms as well as to watch your shape and take care of your skin once you get there, you must make some changes in your diet and take natural supplements.

These changes will help you have more energy to face this stage of life in the best way possible.

Metabolic changes during menopause

With the end of menstruation, women tend to see hormonal changes that come along with night sweats, irritability, hot flashes, and even depression or anxiety.

It’s rather common for women to lose muscle mass once they hit 45. This can mean a growing abdominal area.

It’s always best to get advice from a nutritionist that specializes in menopause.

It can be very helpful to adopt a diet focused on maintaining muscle mass, with increased protein intake and decreased intake of certain carbohydrates like refined flours and saturated fat.

Changes produced in the female body during menopause can be managed by taking certain medication, whether hormonal, natural, or synthetic.

However, you can also turn to natural products.

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1. Soy isoflavones

Soy isoflavones are the most well-known nutritional supplement and are used by many women.

Their structure is similar to natural estrogen. Thus, they are ideal for taking the place of estrogen that has stopped being produced due to menopause.

Soy can be a great complement to fill in where natural hormones are lacking.


  • If you can’t take natural hormones for some reason, you should also avoid soy isoflavones or isoflavones from any other plant.
  • Likewise, it is not recommended for people with soy allergies.
  • Another issue with consuming soy is the proliferation of genetically-modified versions in the market.

When you go to buy soy products, it is best to use organic or natural soy. You can find it in capsule form, creams, etc.

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2. Products with actaea racemosa

Also known as black cohosh or cimifuga racemosa, products made with this plant can be substitutes for products traditionally made with soy.

The good thing is that it works for people with soy allergies, and you avoid the risks of genetically-modified soy.

This remarkable plant, originally from North America, can reduce menopause symptoms in the short-term.

It also works for anxiety, hot flashes, and palpitations.

You can find the plant in many weight loss or hair loss products.

3. Cloves

This wild plant, belonging to the legume family, also contains isoflavones. It helps reduce night sweats as well as anxiety and depression.

Clove products are easy to find. Besides isoflavones, they offer minerals (magnesium, potassium, calcium) and vitamins including vitamin C.

4. Maca root

Maca root also helps relieve menopause symptoms, in addition to managing anxiety, depression, and loss of libido.

In certain areas of the world, such as Peru and Bolivia, maca has been used since ancient times to treat many kinds of health problems.

5. Dong quai

Dong quai (Angelica sinensis), known as “female ginseng,” is often used to relieve symptoms of both menopause and premenstrual syndrome.

Traditional Chinese medicine has utilized it for many years.

You can find dong quai in both markets and as a supplement.

It has an effect similar to natural estrogen.

6. Omega 3

Essential fatty acids like omega 3 are a very useful fat for many different aspects of health.

Besides protecting your immune system and your heart, it is used as an anti-inflammatory, which is important during menopause.

Omega 3 is a natural source of vitamin E, a vehicle for most hormones in your body. This makes it a good idea during menopause.

Even though it won’t prevent hot flashes, it does improve inflammation and bone health, and addresses increased cholesterol in your blood.