6 Meals to Eat at Night without Gaining Weight

25 January, 2020
It's possible to have dinner and not put on weight. How? Choosing the ingredients well and eating in moderation.

There are many who want to stay slim, but aren’t willing to give up food. And they don’t have to! There’s a mistaken belief that you shouldn’t eat at night because dinner makes you gain weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s true. In this article, we’ll look at 6 great meals to eat at night.

The truth is that skipping dinner can affect your health. In order to lose weight or stay in shape, you shouldn’t skip meals, but rather the opposite.

The key to healthy eating at night is to make smart food choices and eat small portions, especially when it comes to dinner.

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Important advice

If we want to eat at night without getting fat, we must prepare a light dinner and establish a schedule for eating. It’s best to eat at least two or three hours before going to bed.

We don’t have to deprive ourselves of food, but rather learn to be moderate and give priority to foods that can contribute not only to our health, but also to our figure.

The experts indicate that it is advisable to eat several times a day (6 meals in total, moderate and sufficient) that include proteins and vitamins, such as those provided by vegetables and fruits.

Of course, if we want to lose weight, we shouldn’t only pay attention to our way of eating, but also to our daily physical activity. A sedentary lifestyle is our worst enemy.

Careful with the size of your portions

As we said before, cutting down on portion sizes is one of the best ways to avoid gaining weight. If you’re starving when you get to dinner then you can end up eating more than you had planned for.

  • Serve the amount of food you plan to eat on a plate or container instead of eating directly from where it was originally made, in order to avoid eating excessively.
  • It is also recommended to keep those more tempting foods, such as sweets, fries and cookies, out of sight.
  • Only eat fruit or healthy snacks between meals. If we become too hungry then we could eat far more than we need to.

What food should we eat at night?

1. Eggs

Bowl of hard boiled egg halves

Eggs are rich in proteins and contain essential amino acids. They will help you feel full quickly. The healthiest option it to eat them boiled. If you prefer an omelet or scrambled eggs, the key is to prepare them without oil or with just a minimum amount.

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2. Nuts and cheese

A small portion of cheese contains 100 calories, so only eat a little piece and don’t overdo it. Cheese is rich in tryptophan, protein and casein. Some studies indicate that casein can accelerate metabolism.

If you want, complement your cheese with nuts and grapes, which are rich in melatonin. Researchers at the Universities of Granada and Madrid, Spain, and the University of Texas, discovered that melatonin, a natural hormone, helps to burn calories and avoid weight gain.

3. Turkey and pumpkin puree

Turkey and Pumpkin Puree

Another of our meals to eat at night is a very healthy low-calorie pumpkin puree and turkey. Turkey meat is a great source of tryptophan and healthy proteins, and it’s easier to digest than chicken.

As an accompaniment, choose something quick and delicious such like pumpkin puree; it’s nutritional and low in calories.

4. Hummus and vegetables

As you already know, hummus is made from chickpeas. It’s a food that’s rich in vitamin B6 which is fundamental for the synthesis of melatonin. The best thing to have with it are vegetables. You can choose your favorite ones and then add a little bit of cucumber, carrots or courgette.

5. Corn on the cob

Corn on the cob with cream cheese

Corn on the cob is one of the best meals to eat at night. We’re not talking about tinned sweetcorn here, though. Accompany it with some sliced beetroot, or an Italian caprese salad.

6. Fish

Both white and oily fish are good options when looking for a healthy and nutritious dinner that won’t make you put on weight. There are those who recommend choosing white fish because of oily fish having a higher fatty content, and they say that oily fish would be a better option to eat at lunchtime. However, the important thing is how to prepare it. Eating grilled fish is not the same as eating fried fish.

In summary

As we’ve seen, the issue is not to stop eating but, on the contrary, to always maintain moderation at mealtimes in the evening. The size of the portions, the ingredients, and the way they are prepared are key factors that must be taken into account.

By eating light, but nutritious and satisfying dinners, not only will we avoid gaining weight but we’ll also avoid having a bad night’s sleep.

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