6 Keys to Close Cycles and Move Forward in Life

Can't find a way to close cycles and move forward in life? We've prepared 6 tips you can follow to help you get back on your feet.
6 Keys to Close Cycles and Move Forward in Life

Last update: 14 November, 2021

Our whole life is made up of cycles. Psychologically speaking, cycles are understood as processes that have a beginning, a development, and an end. Therefore, life is made up of many of these processes. They accompany us and make us who we are. However, sometimes it’s not easy to leave them behind. That’s why today we’ll teach you some tips to close cycles and move forward in life.

Although we seldom notice it, learning to close cycles is essential. If we don’t, we’ll remain stagnant, we won’t be able to make progress, and we’ll often enter an emotional loop that’s not at all beneficial. If you’re going through the latter, our 6 tips to close cycles and move forward in life will be very useful.

6 tips to close cycles and move forward in life

Think of the emotional cycle like a roller coaster. It has a gentle beginning, then it goes through many emotionally charged ups and downs, and then it ends. Sometimes, the latter doesn’t happen, so we’re left with those emotional ups and downs when the cycle is already in the past.

Any event in life can bring you to this plateau: a relationship, reaching a certain age, the death of a pet, the loss of a loved one, a generational change, and many more. If you can’t find a way to close cycles and move forward in life, the following tips can help.

1. Learn to let go

Cerrar ciclos y avanzar implica saber despedirse de los seres queridos
It’s not easy for anyone to say goodbye to loved ones. When the time comes, it’s important to face the situation with maturity and hope that things will get better.

The first step in closing cycles and moving forward in life is learning to let go. In fact, holding on to a cycle often happens because people do just the opposite. This is typically because many people have attachment and dependence issues.

Feeling attachment to or dependence on something is what makes us appreciate it, when it’s done in moderation. This is why you develop an attachment to your pet, to your job, to your friends, family, or partner. On the contrary, when practiced pathologically, it leads to an urgent and unhealthy need to satisfy the object of attachment.

To learn to let go, you must work on your attachment and dependency issues, as both are chains that prevent you from progressing. Leaving the past in the past is the key to closing cycles and moving forward in life. This does not mean forgetting it or altering it so that you downplay its importance. On the contrary, it consists of understanding that it was a stage of your life and that now you must open yourself to another.

2. Maintain an objective balance

Those who refuse to close cycles usually don’t maintain an objective balance. Therefore, they refuse to value both the positive and negative sides of the situation.

Let’s take as an example a relationship that has come to an end. Normally, those who are reluctant to accept that this cycle has ended overestimate the quality of the relationship. In fact, they may even idealize it.

This is why you must make an objective assessment. Analyze the good things about the relationship, the bad things, what it gave you, what it took away from you, how you felt and what positive and negative things it meant that it has come to an end. In the process, keep in mind that no cycle is eternal – not even life itself.

If you shy away from this reality, you’ll never be able to close cycles and move forward in life. Don’t be afraid to face the past face to face and look for what will allow you to overcome it. You’ll see that it makes no sense to cry over something that made you happy (or unhappy), but it’s better to accept that it happened and continue with your head held high.

3. Learn from your mistakes to move forward in life

The above will inevitably lead you to learn from your mistakes. In fact, objectively reviewing the cycle to which you have clung will allow you to better evaluate your actions. This way, you’ll be able to discover what things you did right and what things you did wrong.

There’s nothing wrong with making mistakes. That’s what life is all about! As long as you learn from your mistakes, the mistakes themselves will be your teachers.

Let’s cite another example to contextualize: the loss of a loved one. It will take time to accept that this person will no longer be with you, and in the process, you’ll experience intense emotions. However, there will come a point when you will have to take the first steps to assimilate this fact.

Sometimes we don’t do this because we think we have some sort of debt. For example, we think we didn’t spend enough time with them, we were inconsiderate at some point, or we said things we regret. Learn from this and make sure it doesn’t happen again with someone else.

4. Remember everything you gave of yourself

Just as you’ll discover wrong attitudes when going through a cycle, you’ll also come across actions of great value that will make you proud of yourself and your accomplishments.

These are the memories that will allow you to overcome hardship. Indeed, discovering that in some moments you gave your all will make you evaluate the situation from a different perspective.

It’s not uncommon for you to undervalue your actions in a situation. To cite the example of a relationship again, you may believe that it ended because all you brought to it were bad things. Everything has its ups and downs, and the good thing is that this reflection will also help you to learn valuable lessons.

5. Look ahead and set a new goal to move forward

Cerrar ciclos y avanzar requiere organización
It’s important to take advantage of moments of change and think about the personal and professional aspects that need to be modified to move forward.

In the previous steps, we’ve taught you to leave the past in the past, make an objective balance, learn from your mistakes, and remember the good times.

Once you do this, the next step is to look ahead and set a new goal. After all, life won’t stop and wait for you.

This is something you should do in due time. However, the sooner you do it, the better. You could be wasting great opportunities by holding on to a cycle that has already ended, as well as making blunders without even realizing it. Set a new goal and move forward with new projects and attitudes of life.

6. Don’t let the past affect you to move forward

Sometimes, the memories and habits from the past cycle will still invade you. This is normal, since we’re emotional beings and creatures of habit.

However, you should never let these memories and habits condition your present. They can prevent you from enjoying it and even cause disappointment and failure in one way or another.

Applying each of these steps takes time, as well as enormous commitment and willingness. However, if you never decide to start, you won’t be able to finish that episode of life. Believe us: the first step will be the hardest of all. however, the benefits of closing cycles and moving forward in life are worth every effort you make!