6 Keys to Finding Your Soulmate

January 8, 2019
Before you find your soulmate, you need to find yourself first. You have to know and love yourself in order to be able to connect with the one that enriches your life

Finding your soulmate isn’t magic, nor is it about waiting for the strands of destiny to knit the right opportunity.


Before anything, finding the right person — with whom everything that’s emotional, psychological and even spiritual come together almost perfectly in harmony– requires setting our inner matters.

We can’t find an emotional partner that meets our lifestyle, values and principles if we haven’t first defined what we want, who we are and what defines us.

As you might have heard before, “we’re attracted to ourselves”. For that very reason, before anything, we need to be magical for ourselves. We need to be mature, secure, appreciated and capable of offering the best to others with authenticity.

Finding your soulmate can be much easier than you might have thought if you try to work on these points. We’re sure that they’ll be helpful and inspirational for you.

1. Keep your priorities clear

Finding your soulmate

Most of us have several previous chapters, our own personal “backpack” full of emotional stories, happy times, and even a few love stores thrown in there.

However, did you really learn from all of these life experiences? Everything you’ve experienced in the past should serve as a life lesson. Only this way can you know yourself better and clarify what you want and what you don’t.

We need to have our priorities very clear in order to filter through what life throws at us, or more specifically, the people who may cross paths with us. It doesn’t do any good to make the same mistakes nor repeat yesterday’s misguided patterns.

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2. Enjoy your journey, life and yourself

Instead of obsessing over finding your soulmate, let your soulmate find you. Let love run into you and meanwhile, enjoy life, yourself and what’s around you…

Sometimes, we fill our days with so many goals that we forget something essential: to slow down and appreciate the moment and to delight in the here and now where the most beautiful things happen along with lovely coincidences.

The people who can enjoy their journey and fully love themselves come to know how much it’s worth it. At the same time, they become much more receptive to what surrounds them.

3. Be emotionally mature

Don’t look for someone to help you forget your loneliness, heal your past wounds or someone to fill up the hole that someone else left behind.

On a further note, don’t look for something impossible and don’t feed your expectations of romantic love: look for mature love, a courageous relationship.

  • Having clear priorities about what you want and what you don’t want to repeat or suffer will be very helpful for you.
  • However, emotional maturity is something essential as well when looking for your soulmate.

If you want someone responsible, emphatic, close…someone who knows how to listen, share without being dependent and love without being controlling, remember this: start practicing those qualities yourself.

4. Find your own soul before finding your soulmate

Find your own soul before finding your soulmate

How does one find their own soul? Going beyond the metaphor, there’s an indisputable fact: nobody can give another anything without first knowing themselves.

On the contrary, if we don’t know how we really are, what bothers us, what hurts us or what are real needs are, it’s easy to become dependent on the other person.

We should never underestimate the importance of knowing ourselves. We should know where are limits are, what our values are, what our defects and weaknesses are in addition to our strengths.

5. Listen to your intuition

They say that our intuition is the voice of our heart, but it’s actually much more than that.

Intuition, like gut feelings, is the reflection of your subconscious. Your subconscious is where you can find your true essence, your memories, your personality and everything you know that allows you to compose quick answers when you need them most.

So, when you find yourself in front of that special person, your intuition will let you know. Trust and, above all, know how to listen to your sixth sense. 

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6. Grow in your “soulmate” and be receptive

Can somebody really be our soulmate? Is it alright to believe this?

There’s nothing wrong with believing it as long as we always keep some things clear:

  • Our soulmate isn’t someone who shares the same interests as we do. A soulmate isn’t “a copy” of a person nor is a soulmate our other half.
  • A soulmate is someone who we connect with…and there’s nothing more magical than “connecting”.
  • To connect means that, despite being different, we understand and enrich each other.
  • It means that we are “one” formed by “two” parts. We always maintain our own individuality but we enjoy the same journey, we work on the same project…
Grow in your "soulmate", be receptive

On a closing note, going beyond romance and symbolism of the term “soulmate”, there’s actually a set of emotional and psychological processes that clearly define what many of us understand to be the perfect partner.

It’s the person who we’ll always go hand in hand with in the journey of life, knowing that we’re loved. It’s the person who we trust in as much as we do in ourselves