Home Remedies: 6 That You Should Never Try

Don't try to use toothpaste to get rid of pimples or skin imperfections.  Even though its baking soda content could make it effective, its chemical components could damage the skin.
Home Remedies: 6 That You Should Never Try

Last update: 12 April, 2019

Today we have easy access to a variety of recipes and home remedies that are said to allow us to treat and prevent health and beauty problems. These make it unnecessary to pay high amounts of money for expensive treatments and improve our lifestyles through natural medicine. It is true that many recommended home remedies are effective and can be huge helps. However, experts remind us that not all of them work and some of them can have more bad effects than good.

We have considered a few expert opinions on the negative effects that some of these home remedies can have on our health. Below, we will share 6 remedies that are best not to prepare.

Home Remedies: Shell and dried fruit exfoliants

Natural exfoliants are one of the best alternatives to deeply clean skin, hydrate it, and eliminate excess dead skin cells that have accumulated. However, it is very important to take into account the ingredients in these products. Some can hurt our skin and cause micro lesions that can even cause scars. For example, some exfoliants that are prepared with pistachio can damage skin. Even nut shells and crushed almonds combined with olive oil can damage skin due to all of the irregular edges. The same thing happens when you exfoliate with shells.

Home enemas


Home enemas are done by pouring water into the rectum to try and stimulate a bowel movement.  Some even prepare enema using coffee. This is due to the false belief that the caffeine will help clean out their system. This isn’t true. According to experts, any home enema is extremely risky. It might puncture the rectum and create serious side effects or even lead to death. This is why doctors recommend you do not do this, especially at home.  It is better to opt for an over-the-counter medication for constipation. If this doesn’t work, you should get in touch with your doctor.

Treating acne with toothpaste

Treating acne with toothpaste is one of the oldest and most common tricks in history, because it has shown results. Baking soda found in toothpaste manages to dry out pimples and as a result, diminish the appearance of acne. However, experts maintain that it is not the best alternative. Even though baking soda helps with pimples, toothpaste has chemical compounds that can irritate the skin. Among some of the most harmful ingredients for your skin found in toothpaste are alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, and menthol.

Yogurt to ease vaginal infections

Yogurt: Home Remedies

The idea behind this home remedy is based on the live cultures found in yogurt that contain acidophilus, which can help get rid of bad bacteria. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been proven that these actually fight vaginal infections. According to gynecologist Mary Jane Minkin, MD, a professor at the Yale School of Medicine, you should never use flavored and sweetened yogurt that is generally kept in the refrigerator. This is because sugar in or around the vagina can provoke even more infections.

What you should do is eat yogurt regularly especially when you are taking antibiotics to avoid infection. However, you should never apply it to the vagina.

Home Remedies: Egg white face masks to tone skin

Many rumors uphold that egg whites help firm skin, which is why many women use this remedy. According to experts, there is no evidence that points to whether or not this is true. Many people believe that egg whites make the skin firm since it feels like it when the skin is dried out, but the truth is that the skin goes back to normal when the egg whites are washed off. In addition, there is the risk that you could get sick if you get some form of salmonella in your mouth.

Home Remedies: Butter to treat burns

Butter: Home Remedies

Some believe that butter can alleviate and cure a burn caused by an open flame or by the sun. This is completely wrong, since butter is the perfect environment for bacteria to form and create an infection. Experts recommend that you apply cold water and antibiotic cream.

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