6 Fashion Tricks for Good Interior Design

Our homes are a reflection of the people who live in them. So the way we decide to decorate them represents our tastes and even our way of being
6 Fashion Tricks for Good Interior Design

Last update: 08 January, 2019

There is no such thing as the perfect home, but there are homes that are ideally decorated in accordance with our needs and personality. Each space in our homes is a potential stage to explore creativity with interior design.

The important thing is to choose to decorate in a way that both makes our homes cosy and surprises our guests.

To achieve this, it isn’t necessary to invest a great fortune: it’s enough to know how to choose the right elements for each space.

In this article we will share a list of tricks for decorating your home in alignment with current trends.

1. Give things a new life with metallic paint

Are you bored of some items in your home? Don’t throw them out, because you can use them to make decorative objects without spending so much money.

A current decorating trend is to use metallic colored objects.

We recommend buying a gold or silver paint aerosol and spraying the objects that you want to revamp to give them a glamorous look.

Objects that you could use for this include:

  • Flower pots and vases
  • Disused toys
  • Photo frames
  • Chair legs
  • Glass or plastic bottles
  • Fridge magnets
  • Tree branches for decorating vases

2. Decorating with mirrors

interior design

Although this trend has been used for centuries, it is still one of the most effective ways of lighting up rooms and achieving the sensation of more space.

Try to position them in places where there is natural light so that they amplify it and make the spaces look bigger.

  • A simple trick is to place several small mirrors in the entrance to your home.
  • You can also use large mirrors with minimalist, geometric frames to give your home a more classic look.

3. Use plants

Plants are noble companions in the home, offering us their color as well as purified air. So have a think about the spaces where a green touch could revitalize your home.

  • A current interior design trend is to create small gardens to avoid saturating the space with large plant pots that become hindrances.
  • Use small vases with colors and shapes that match the rest of the decoration of your home.

A simple and beautiful trick is to hang some plants in corners or spaces that need a special touch. You can also personalize the space by adding colored stones or sand.

4. Apply “the rule of 3”

Apply "the rule of 3"

Whether it be photos, vases, mirrors, furniture or other adornments, it is best to go for placing them in threes and not pairs.

This is because the brain considers three to be a small number that captures its attention by giving the impression that the objects are not there as decorations but rather as a small collection.

  • Positioning objects in odd numbers means that they can’t go unseen by the human eye, because it creates the illusion of asymmetry which is pleasant for our brains.

5. Add curtains

Curtains are an important detail in some homes where they are useful for shading the light that comes into a room or to give a touch of color to the walls.

Depending on the effect that you want to create, you should take into account the following considerations:

  • If you want to gain natural light, choose sheer materials and thin fabrics like organza. This kind of fabric will let sunlight through with no problem.
  • If you need to screen the light, choose thick, heavy fabrics, like linen or cotton, as well as darker colors. This way the natural light won’t come in so strongly.

We also recommend that you bear in mind the color of the fabric of the curtains and its design:

  • Plain colors are ideal for rooms with strong, striking tones. You can choose vivid or pastel shades as long as they match the walls and furniture.
  • Prints are a more modern trend which give a space a lot of character. We recommend not overusing pictures or images and choosing sober designs.

6. Decorate the walls or closets with colored adhesive tape

Decorate the walls or closets with colored adhesive tape

This is a very simple and fun technique if you want to add lots of color and texture, creating an eclectic atmosphere.

The only thing you need to do is paint the walls a neutral color and then add lines or other patterns with colored adhesive tape.

You can do the same with the wardrobe or closet and even with doors: you just need to be a bit daring and mix the colors of the tapes creatively.

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